The Hope Foundation have helped more than 30,000 children, mostly in the Kolkata area, in India. This is one of the poorest regions in the whole country.

Today we wanted to share with you some of the children’s stories. Unfortunately there are hundreds more just like these ones, but we are so moved that our work with The Hope Foundation is making a real, social impact in the lives of kids, just like these guys.

Arav’s Story

Arav is a 4-year-old child who was suffering from a wound in his chest for more than one year. Arav went to various Government Hospitals but the wound was not healing and was not getting any proper treatment.

His has distortion of his eyelid and both of his legs are deformed and diminished. He is from a very poor family, living in Chelta Slum.

Arav was admitted to the Hope Hospital in January 2014. After several investigations it was found that Arav was suffering from Tuberculosis in his bones. This is what was causing his legs to become deformed and they also discovered slight deformity of the spine.

Thanks to the Hope Foundation Aray has spent the last year on Tuberculosis medicine and has had his legs in traction to help them straighten out. He has started walking without any support and his wounds on his chest have healed completely.

Arav’s life has been totally changed thanks to the treatment he has received through the Hope Hospital.

 Tampai’s Story

Tampai is nine years old. She could not remember her parents’ names when she came to the Hope Foundation, in fact it took some time to get her to talk at all.

Gradually she opened up and told Hope Workers about her life.

The relationship between her parents was not good and her father beat her mother a lot. She told of how her father set fire to their family home and ran away. Finally her mother had committed suicide by taking poison.

After this her father had remarried and Tampai’s stepmother tortured her. Tampai said she had an elder brother, two elder sisters and her younger brother had died in a road accident and was buried next to her mother.

Tampai had ran away from home and arrived at Howrah Station. A man came and promised she would live like a fairy and get good food and dresses if she went with him. She was placed at a rich man’s house to work as a residential maidservant. At first they seemed to take good care of her and got the good food and clothes she had been promised, but this didn’t last long.

Soon they were treating her very badly; they tortured her to complete her work. One day she was very sick and they did not take care of her or give her and food so she ran away. She went back to Howrah Station this time meeting a lady who started taking care of her but forced her beg. She was sexually abused a number of times in the station.

Hope Kolkata Foundation’s Child Watch Team saw Tampai outside Howrah Station in the middle of the night and a group of boys were abusing her. She hardly had any clothes and had not eaten any food that day.

Tampai need security, shelter, food and care. The Hope Foundation were abe to provide this and more to this young girl. She is an innocent girl and now always has a smile on her face. She loves to play and gets on well with the other girls in the home. She is allowed to be a nine year again.

Lena’s story

LenaLena was staying with her brother’s adopted family but was not looked after well there and was forced to work. She ran away with a maid who worked for the family. At 5 years of age Lena came to HOPE and began going to school.

HOPE placed her in a home and gave her protection, education, healthcare, recreation, excursions, birthday celebrations and above all, love and care.

After school, Lena trained in computers, learnt English and other skills which helped her get a job.

Lena now works in the HOPE hospital in charge of maintenance and enjoys how her life has blossomed through education.

Lena believes that ‘Education is very important for the development of a child, especially the poorest children. One becomes more efficient and able to survive and face the world’

The work the Hope Foundation do for these kids is nothing short of amazing! We feel very privileged and honoured to be working with them to help bring happiness and hope into the lives of these kids and many, many more.

Thank you for taking the time to read about these kids, this is why we do what we do here. If you enjoyed it be sure to pass it along – sharing is caring!

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