Last Thursday I had the privilege of participating in a program run by Catherine Taouk. The program is called discovering your purpose.

“Discover your Purpose” is an engaging, interactive and empowering session to support students to connect to their natural passions, interests and skills to start a life of purpose. In this session we assisted Year 11 students at Kambala, Rose Bay with connecting to who they are and what makes them happy.

Catherine is taking this program to schools, youth centres and community groups and wanting to impact on the lives of teenagers so they can find what it is that lights them up and make the right decisions to pursue a fulfilling career and life of purpose.

I was ecstatic to be a guest speaker on this day.

I remember my days at school, we did not have such a program and luckily for me, I never struggled with knowing what I wanted. Back in those days my only purpose, I ate, breathed and slept design. My first desire was to be a landscape designer, much to Dad’s horror who thought his girl would be hauling rocks around gardens and was relieved when I discovered I needed chemistry to chase that dream which was not going to happen for me.

My next calling was to be an interior designer, again short-lived when I realised my spatial abilities were not so strong which led me to graphic design. I was one of the lucky ones though, as I remember several friends struggling with knowing what they wanted to be.

Back in my era too, there was often considerable pressure to choose, well actually, be told,that one needed to pursue our parents’ dreams.

Today, we all have plenty of choices, many more than previous generations. Yet why is our a world more lost and filled with unhappy people more than ever before? It is this question that actually started me on the path of my Moeloco journey. I felt there was such a huge disconnect going on with many individuals leading isolated lives and not feeling fulfilled or completely happy.

In my view, there are various reasons for this state however I believe that its a lack of community and purpose thats driving this situation. My desire to connect people into their passion, their purpose and one another fuelled my vision for Moeloco. I also knew that when we live from our purpose, which is being the best we can then we are complete and happy. Living from this space, makes us better people because we are happier , we then touch the lives of everyone we around us and they then touch everyone around them creating this powerful ,what I call “rippeople “ effect. This is how we make a difference to the world.

I have been blessed to have two teenage ambassadors represent Moeloco, our own Alessandra Kitanis and Holly Moore. These young women are the future and Moeloco are wanted finding ways to impact on our youth.

When the eighty or so Kambala students were asked what is it that makes them happy, the number one response apart from family and friends was helping others. Can you imagine how the world would look if we fostered happy, connected, children on purpose?

Leave you with this thought, enjoy the video from our Kambala presentation.

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