Of course we would love to see you at our Moeloco Club Launch Party! If you plan on coming but haven’t booked yet simply click on the image on the right to go to our booking page.

If you can’t make the Moeloco Club launch you can still help us make a difference for kids in poverty.

Many of you have asked how can you help?

So here’s how!

You can make a donation that will go directly towards getting more shoes on the feet of kids in need. You can donate $10, or perhaps the $ 25 you would have spent on a ticket for our event, or perhaps more? It’s up to you.

We would also love to give you something for you support so if you want to grab a pair of our flip flops  either for yourself or for someone you know, perhaps even a child, why not click on the products below and buy a pair or two. Every pair sold means another pair of shoes can be donated to the Hope Foundation.

Moeloco Image

Make a Donation

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