There are so many wonderful businesses working hard to make positive change in the world around us. Here at Moeloco we want to support them and share their stories with you. Why? Because the more people who know about these incredible people, the more impact they can have!


In order to bring these amazing stories to you we are going to start sharing Guest Posts here on our Moeloco blog and the first person we want to share with you is pretty darn exciting!

Meet Tayo Rockson of UYD Magazine

10403550_10152674690449623_8729190480199943454_nCan you tell me a bit about yourself / your business / your charity?

I am Tayo Rockson and I was born in Lagos Nigeria. Due to my father’s occupation as a diplomat I moved around a lot. I moved to Stockholm, Sweden when I was one for two years before coming back to Nigeria for elementary school. After that my dad told us we were moving to Burkina Faso, so off we went for 4 and a half years. Then I came back to Nigeria High School, followed by Vietnam and then I left to go to Virginia for Undergrad. After graduating, I began working for a software company in Virginia before moving to NYC for my MBA before subsequently launching UYD Media.

UYD Media aims to be the leading producer of premium written, audio, and visual media from the fields of travel, entrepreneurship, art, culture and lifestyle. Through magazines, podcasts, video series, clip shows, tailor-made program blocks, and documentaries, we will offer our partners – TV stations, platform providers, cinema distributors and others – a vast array of motivational and informative products and services. We want to inspiring the next set of global leaders by encouraging others to embrace culture and think outside of the box. The principles are based on my mission statement which is “Use Your Difference To Make A Difference”

How did you first get involved in UYD Media? 

Last year before I launched my podcast, I started thinking about different ways I could make a difference and it dawned on me that a lot of the problems in the world are caused by people not willing to embrace change. Whether it’s religious strife or ethnic genocides or racism, a lot of people today tend to want to stay in their lane. I come from a country that can’t seem to get past its differences whether it comes to tribal groups and religion and having grown up in several countries I started to notice that there are varying degrees of intolerance and discrimination based on people’s backgrounds, color or difference and that this lack of willingness to adopt change and embrace diversity is the reason for a majority of a lot of the problems we have. Think about it. Religious wars are caused by one group wanting another group to either adopt a new way of thinking or a willingness to wipe “unbelievers” from their environment. Racism is caused by a false sense of superiority based on the color of people’s skin. Ethnic problems are caused by beliefs and stereotypes that have been passed on from generation to generation about how and why certain groups cannot coexist. The common denominator in all these situations is the lack of willingness to embrace change so out of my frustration so I decided to do something about it. I created a platform that targets the youth and millennials while they are still in their formative years and educate them on what the world is really like. My team and I gather content that highlights multicultural individuals all over the world and show what culture is really like in different parts of the world. It is my hope that with this platform people will be inspired to embrace what makes them different and go about making a difference and maybe even change the world as the next set of global leaders.


What are your ingredients for creating a successful venture?

Passion, strategic planning and building relationships.

You have to love what you do so that’s where the passion comes in.

In addition to this one has to set goals to work towards. It could be working towards building your competitive advantage or achieving goals that will take your company to the next level. I start my year with personal and professional goals so I know what  I am working towards and at then through the year I revisit them to see if I achieved them or deviated from them. This ensures that you’re staying focused on your business and personal goals all year.

The last ingredient is building relationships. This is probably the best way to grow your business. You should be able to talk about your business in 30 seconds or less in networking situations. You never know who might meet so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to people in social settings and ask them what they do.

What lessons have you learnt that you would like to share?

The biggest lesson I have learned is that getting over fear of yourself and failure are two things essential to building a successful business. For me I had to overcome both and take that leap of faith. I heard a saying once that you’ve got to want it as badly as you want to breathe so having that ridiculous self belief coupled with your passion will help you go a long way even if you fail. Failure is just a step to your next success.

What’s your vision for the future?

I want to be able to bring East and West together and have them sit side by side with North and South so they can trade stories of adventures and experiences they each have had. I want… to replace discrimination with appreciation and introduce it to connection to celebrate uniqueness and encourage diversity to build global mindsets to tell stories about culture and most importantly to educate the world about the beauty in all of us and how we can work together to improve our global identities.

I hope you enjoyed our first Guest Post – there are many more stories and people I am excited to share with you. But in the meantime,

Dream crazy,


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