Do you like to make a difference in the world?

If so, just like Moeloco, there has never been a better time than now. There are an estimated 20 million children living as orphans in India, a high percentage of whom are at daily risk of abuse, trafficking, being sold into child prostitution, child labour and having their organs harvested for sale. Moeloco helps to change this by donating shoes to children in poverty through selling their designer flipflop.

We are now interviewing for soul agents who want to share our story whilst earning revenue.

What is a Soul Agent?

You will be a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, who loves seeing children happy. Not every child in the world has a loving adult to care for them, or about them. These children need us to care. They need us to act on their behalf and they need us to deliver precious shoes to shield them from disease and allow them to attend school to help break cycles of poverty and abuse. Children who do not own shoes are denied access to education as foot-borne infections are common place and the risk of spreading disease is a concern for educators.

As a woman who cares deeply about children you will help show our Moeloco shoes to your various circles, communities and we will in turn, send you a commission on each pair of Moelocos sold. There is no need for you to carry stock, we take care of this for you. We decided to create this community as so many mums were telling other mums about us anyway then hopping on line to purchase their flipflops.

Apart from the do good and reward, you will become a member of our tribe where there will be opportunities to connect to other like minded women.

Click here for the downloadable brochure.

Moeloco is movement for love and creating a connected community for humanity is at the core of what we do.

We hope you may join us soon.

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