Today consumers are becoming increasingly disengaged from organisations whose actions are not transparent and values not aligned with our own. We are seeing a growing number of people becoming more consciously aware than ever as people are seeking to connect and engage with companies and organisations who have heart and soul.

On June 16th, the Moeloco Club Launch launched  our community events club. Each event will be an experience and opportunity to meet with the Moeloco community and other conscious, heart centred tribes. Our goal is to gather as many of these tribes together and encourage collaboration, friendship and deep connection. By contributing to a shared economy we can all make a greater impact in this world. Lets have some fun whilst having more purpose and success in our loves.

The club provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to co present events together allowing for a larger variety of experiences and connections.

If you would like to come and play contact us at

What Our Members Are Saying

Hi Kathy 

So happy to experience such a great heartfelt launch for Moeloco ~ it was such a salutory night. i just loved the underlying spirit ~ everyone coming together for a great cause. 
Congratulations Kathy ~ I just loved how the Hope Foundation were here because of your initiative and what wonderful souls JP and crew are ~ his talk epitomised acting on a need of the moment for a greater cause and also loved your brother’s MCing ~ not to mention the lovely performers. It is amazing what has been achieved in a short time however your commitment to a cause greater than yourself epitomises the greatness in you. Great to know you in this lifetime ~ you certainly make a difference. 
Love James x
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