We would like to welcome any enquires from the media, both traditional and online. This page contains information from our press kit as well as a Press Release, Hope Foundation Fact Sheet and a selection of images available for download.

If you need any additional information we are more than happy to work with you so please do not hesitate to be in touch.

For Media Enquires contact;

Kathy Wong

Ph 0403341941

Email : kathy@moeloco.com


Excerpt From Press Release

Sydney, Australia – With more than 300 million children in the world with no shoes and rarely attending school, Australian Kathy Wong knew that she had to do something about it. Kathy created Moeloco, a brand of thongs (flip flops) with positive messages of peace and love printed on the soles. For every pair of thongs sold, Moeloco donates canvas shoes to a child in poverty

Kathy Wong, Chief Energy Officer, Moeloco, said “Moeloco means ‘dream crazy’, and that is exactly what I did when I set out to make a difference in this world.

“Since launching Moeloco in Australia in November 2014, and now in the United States through Amazon, our customers have donated almost 4000 pairs of canvas shoes to children living in poverty in India.”

To make her dream a reality, Kathy partnered with The Hope Foundation (HOPE), a charity founded in Ireland, operating in Kolkata.

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Forbes article - June 2017

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