Kathy Wong, founder of Moeloco Flip Flops, making a difference in the lives of children in poverty with her "Buy One, Give One, Change a Life" program

Kathy Wong is what you might call a serial entrepreneur, having founded and run several businesses.Her first three businesses were focused on branding, design and marketing. Her later business was as an artisan, developing and also teaching people how to create mixed media jewelry. Kathy trained as a visual communicator, has always been a passionate philanthropist, loves children and has a thirst for personal development and people.

Her desire with Moeloco is to create a heart centered community of engaged individuals wanting to be the change they see in the world.

Kathy is a retro girl, cites Dancing Queen as her favourite song of all time, loves  soppy romance films and detests chokoes no matter which way they are cooked.

Email: kathy@moeloco.com

Phone: 0403 341 941

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Moeloco is built on a commitment to the community, to helping others and growing a business that can continue to give back and also inspire others to create change…and we’re on the look-out for committed and inspiring individuals to join the movement!

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