Kathy Wong

Advocate for social good, women changemakers and youth entrepreneurs

Kathy has been a keynote speaker at The Spark Festival, NSW University wide entrepreneurial learning program- Interchange, The Shine Conference and speaks at various social change, changemaker ,youth leadership , startups and entrepreneurial business events. Kathy’s no-nonsense practical and heart felt presentation style has inspired many young people and women to take action, live their crazy dreams and make a positive difference.

Nominated as one of the 35 social entrepreneurs to watch in 2018 by Cause Artist Magazine, Kathy Wong is passionate about social change and inspiring the next generation of social entrepreneurs and changemakers.



After running several businesses and retiring in her early 40’s, Kathy grew discontent with her contribution to society and the gap between business and community engagement. So in 2014, she came out of early retirement and established Moeloco, a social entrepreneurial business that has impacted almost 8,000 children in poverty and has created a growing youth ambassador program.

By providing shoes to these underprivileged children, Moeloco is assisting in providing access to education in order to provide employment opportunities and a better way of life out of such difficult conditions.

Energised by her motto of ‘dream crazy’, Kathy is now in the start-up phase of creating a youth entrepreneur incubator program, bringing leading social entrepreneurs together to educate and mentor the next generation of change makers.



What others are saying:


Kathy Wong has WOWED our WoManly members several times over the past few years. She is a thought-provoking and inspirational speaker who delivers way beyond her social enterprise message ~ Your business has enormous power for positive social impact.

As a talented story teller, Kathy captivates her audience. Every time we were instantly interested, entertained, and learned something new, useful, and inspiring from Kathy ~ even though, each talk was a different topic.

As a serial entrepreneur, Kathy has so much wisdom to share; from creating, building and successfully selling several businesses.

Be it entrepreneurship, leadership, self-care or social enterprise, attendees left the room talking about how good the session was. That’s the real payoff!

So, if you get a chance to bring Kathy, into your organisation or conference, do it before someone else books her.

Your audience will be, ever so grateful!!

Karen Chaston
Director, WoManly Community Pty Ltd


I invited Kathy Wong to feature as my guest speaker in 2017 at Sydney Entrepreneur Social to share her message of impact and social entrepreneurship with our community. Sydney Entrepreneur Social features social entrepreneurs and change makers to share their stories of impact on our stage each month. Kathy has an amazing enterprise which impacts children in poverty with every sale made from her flip-flops. Her message is inspiring, impactful and educational. She is a powerful presenter who inspires and engages. I highly recommend her as your next guest speaker.

Matt Vincent
Founder, Sydney Entrepreneur Social


I have engaged Kathy as a speaker on the topic of Social Enterprise on a number of occassions. I find her both a genuine and fresh local voice which are both important in Corporate Australia. A story that started in our backyard and has now expanded worldwide. She candidly takes everyone through the journey of finding your purpose without hiding the roadblocks or challenges that one might come across. Her content is inspiring, personable and humorous, guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and energise you! Her talk will reconnect you with your core values, your passion and inspire your team or organisation to move forward as one.

Florencia Jacovella
Account Director, MCI Australia


We had the pleasure of Kathy Wong present at our recent sales conference. The afternoon included a video sharing the plight of the children that Moeloco is assisting in Kolkata, followed by an inspirational presentation from Kathy sharing her personal story. The afternoon was capped off by a walk along the beach wearing the moeloco thongs leaving positive messages along the beach. The entire organization was profoundly touched by the entire experience and was a timely reminder that the greatest gift in life is helping others. I would highly recommend the moeloco experience to any corporate organization seeking to connect their employees to a greater purpose and provide balance to the extravagances of corporate life.

Robin Whiteley
Head of Learning and Development, Novartis


Kathy Wong was a keynote speaker at Project-Unwritten’s flagship event – Summit-Unwritten 2018 where she connected with the 200 high school students that attended through her short yet inspiring speech. Her unique story about her personal journey and the spark that led to the founding of Moeloco captivated the audience as she delivered a strong message all high school students needed to hear… “Dream Crazy”. She is truly a brilliant speaker and as she pursues her own dreams, she invites us all to embark on that same journey of ending poverty in our world. It is because of her words that many of the audience left the summit motivated and excited about their own potentials and capabilities and that testifies to her caliber as both a person of intense passion and a inspirational speaker. She is an amazing speaker I would highly recommend.

Daniel Cheong
Chairperson, Project-Unwritten


Kathy was one of the keynote speaker at the NSW University wide entrepreneurial learning program- Interchange. She presented to over 200 International students and shared her Social Enterprise Story. She has the amazing ability to connect with many people at the same time enabling them to understand her passion and her social enterprise –Moeloco as well as inviting the audience to embark on a journey with her to join the mission to end poverty. All this is done with brilliantly engaging style – a truly inspirational speaker who is also a wonderful human being. I would highly recommend her.

Tina LI
Career Adviser , Australian Catholic University



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