Women’s empowerment is one of the causes that we at Moeloco are passionate about. A world where our dreams and daily lives are not limited by our gender, age, regardless of what country or culture we belong to, should not be a dream itself, it must become the reality. While India still struggles with a deeper level of gender inequality, women’s empowerment is still an issue here in Australia, which is why I was honoured to be invited to speak at ChangeMakeHer’s International Women’s Day event, the EmpowHer conference earlier this year.

We are honoured to have Ally Fulton, from ChangemakeHer to have provided this guest blog for us.

What is ChangeMakeHer?

ChangeMakeHer is a student-founded and student-led not-for-profit organisation of girls in grades 7-12 across Queensland. We inspire, empower, and equip Australia’s young women to change the world.

We encourage young women to:

  • Embrace future-focused STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) fields
  • Develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • Connect with other like-minded youth and inspiring women
  • Aid and enable their communities

2018 ChangeMakeHer Chief Ambassadors – Khushi and Ally

ChangeMakeHer was founded last year in 2017, by two grade 12 students from Brisbane State High School: Maja and Ivana. In only a couple of months, they organised the inaugural EmpowHer Conference, and even won the Brisbane “Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award”. When they graduated, ChangeMakeHer was taken over by two new “Chief Ambassadors”: Khushi and Ally.

Moeloco Founder and CEO, Kathy Wong, at our EmpowHer Conference

How ChangeMakeHer Helps Women’s Empowerment

As Chief Ambassadors, we run events (like the annual EmpowHer Conference, held on the 9th of March). We also facilitate weekly meetings at our school for a group of about twenty girls who work on other projects, like pitching/innovation competitions, mentoring programs and our monthly newsletter.

For the most part, running ChangeMakeHer is pretty easy. We spend a lot of time sending emails, preparing activities for our weekly meetings, and getting involved in activities within our community. Even maintaining finances is easy enough – with the help of our school finance officer.

That said, it isn’t all easy. The biggest challenge we face is balancing our school work with our ChangeMakeHer tasks, especially in the lead up to major events like the EmpowHer Conference. Thankfully, this isn’t impossible to overcome. The best way to do this is by using every free moment (for example, by catching up on emails on the bus, instead of scrolling through Facebook).

Here at ChangeMakeHer, our dream crazy is to show teenagers that they really can do anything! We do this by leading by example, which is what sets us apart from similar organisations. This means that we don’t have an adult secretly running everything behind the scenes. In our experience, this has worked really well, because it allows us to understand our target audience and accommodate for them (by having low ticket prices and hands-on, engaging workshops, for example).

So, that’s it from us! If you want to keep up to date with ChangeMakeHer, or learn more, sign up to our newsletter and check out our website: https://www.changemakeher.com. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Stay inspired!

Ally Fulton.
Chief Ambassador, Changemakeher

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