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“Have only positive Expectations” – HOPE

Upon arriving home from this life-changing trip something deep inside has definitely shifted within all of us whom were on the trip. It brings tears of joy to my eyes writing this as I reflect back with such joyful and fond memories. What striked me the most,was the beauty amongst the dirt and despite their less than ideal circumstances as defined by societies standards, the children were all so happy and joyful with their families full of pride and dignity.

It was also the first time it hit me just how much of a difference Moeloco were actually making. My heart melts everytime I think of all the children whom came up to me referring to me as “Aunty Kathy”. These are the precious memories I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life. One of the motivating factors of working with children was the fact I wasn’t able to have any of my own. But now I feel like I have a whole village of them now.

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You almost forget what these precious souls have been through in their young lives, some having escaped harsh living conditions and situations that are just beyond comprehension. For example, the gorgeous young girl whom we visited in hospital after being left in a rubbish bin with deformities to her face as a result of rats eating it. When we met her, she was just like any other young child playing enjoying the simplicities of life.

Whilst the living conditions were very harsh by our standards we were greeted by smiling, happy faces and the children some of whom lived next to rubbish dumps were so proud to show us their homes. Life expectancy in these areas are only 25 years old. And the pollution is so bad that when I arrived home I was coughing up black. I feel so privileged to have met such beautiful souls whom will have already left a deep lasting footprint in my heart.

Visiting India really reconfirmed how much I wish to make an even bigger impact through Moeloco. That it’s more than just about selling flip-flops and donating shoes. It’s about raising awareness, sharing positive messages about what is possible and empowering the less fortunate through our Dream Crazy mission.

Prior to the trip I had limited knowledge of what really was going on in India with our kids  but the trip, with help from HOPE really helped me understand more deeply the extent of the situation and circumstances which our kids are living.

And my gosh what a humbling experience. This trip has really inspired a deeper shift and yearning to make an even bigger impact as the experience has literally changed me as a person. I mean, you just don’t know the true reality of a situation until you experience it yourself. This is exactly what happened when we visited India.

And I am elated to introduce the new sari bag made by the women in the Life Skills fashion unit


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Over the next few months, I will be writing more blogs about our Indian visit and some of the remarkable events that have left an impact on my life. You can expect more stories and blogs around issues and topics that matter.

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