Happy World Kindness Day

It’s no secret that the world needs more kindness, with constant reports of violence, destruction and corrupt politicians in the media. From this has come an increasing desire for change, which has manifested in more ways than just inspirational memes or lessons for young children. A desire for kindness has even begun to spread into the business world.

When Every Day is World Kindness Day

Those who still see the business world as harsh and dog-eat-dog may be wondering how a company can benefit by practicing kindness as a core value. The first signs of kindness making its way into the business world were noticed by trendspotters in 2012, and now it is increasingly reaching into customer and workplace experiences. Jessica Lawrence, New York Tech Meet-Up’s executive director, specifically advised that “kindness is the new disruption” to startups.

Proponents of traditional ideas surrounding business may be confused by the decision of the CEO of Gravity Payments, Dan Price, to raise the minimum salary in his company from $48,000 to $70,000. However, close to 90% of people in the USA prefer to buy from businesses with shared values whenever possible, so he may financially benefit in the long term.

In an article on marketing trends, CMO.com claimed that “nice is the new cool”, referring to Giving Tuesday, Small Business Saturday and other new developments. However, the difference between being “nice” and kind is that niceness aims to please; kindness is about giving and doing what is right. One example of this is the Suspended Coffee movement that started in Italy, where customers pay in advance for an unknown person’s coffee, regardless of what the reason for that need may be. This has since inspired even more pay-it-forward acts of kindness worldwide.

Treating customers with genuine kindness and empathy can go a long way too. Trend forecaster Michael McQueen predicts that so-called “disruptive” corporations that rely on often invasive data mining will eventually lose out to businesses staffed by people with empathy for customers. This helps to generate new ideas and make our experience in these spaces, such as cafes and restaurants, much more enjoyable.

How Moeloco is Getting Involved

At Moeloco, we strive to be kind in everything we do. It isn’t just about our one-for-one model, where every pair of shoes sold donates one pair of school shoes to a child in India. Our flip-flops are ethically produced, and we are building a community where current and future changemakers can be supported to reach their full potential. This includes our Moeloco youth movement, where we help young people who want to start, or already run, social enterprises and other career paths that give back to the world. If you are interested in that follow our @moelocoyouth feed in instagram.

Recently, I have applied for Moeloco to join the World Kindness Movement. This began on the 13th of November, 1998, which has been known as World Kindness Day ever since. Its mission is to inspire individuals and connect nations in order to create a kinder world, and so far twenty countries including Australia, Oman, China and Italy have participants. The goal? To unite the world in the common good, and prove that the vision of a kinder world can become reality. Although the movement has dedicated not only a day, but also one week (the second in November) to acts of kindness, the only way to achieve this is to incorporate the lessons we learn into our everyday lives.

Let’s create a kinder world today and always.

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