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Hope you are feeling refreshed  and recharged like I am. Happy New Year!

Exercising, eating well,hanging out with friends and getting reacquainted with my bed has been a beautiful luxury and now  it’s a new year!

I love starting the year by reflecting on the year that has been and already we have begun goal setting for the year ahead.

2015 has been a great year for Moeloco. We have been trading for a little over a year now, and already, thanks to the Moeloco Tribe, over 3000 pairs of shoes have been donated to disadvantaged children in Kolkata.

Our flip flops are not only available through our website, but over 20 retailers stock our inspirational footwear now.

When I began Moeloco in late November 2014, I didn’t know just how much our message would resonate with you, our audience. With your help, we have been able to make an impact where it matters, and thousands of children are now able to go to school and have a chance at a normal and healthy life.

In 2015, we were able to spread our brand far and wide with features in publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald, The Huffington Post, The Sun Herald, The Carousel, that’s life! and Leaders in Heels. For a social enterprise, this media exposure is invaluable and we thank all the editors and journalists who have given us the time of day.

I used to be a serial entrepreneur, having founded and run multiple businesses in the past. I can say, in all honesty, that Moeloco, by far, has simultaneously been the most challenging and rewarding one of my life.Nothing beats being on purpose! Having been able to travel to India in October to see the impact we’re instigating over there was an enriching and emotional experience.

Seeing the smiles on those children’s faces made all those long days, sleepless nights, meetings, seminars and running around so worth it. To know that we are making a change in the world is incredibly fulfilling and I wouldn’t want to change that feeling for anything in the world.

But most importantly, thank YOU. There simply would be no Moeloco without our Moeloco Tribe, and our successes wouldn’t be possible without your constant support.

In 2016, we hope to reach more people and work our way to becoming a nationally recognised and respected flip flop brand. Put simply: let’s get more of you on board so we can get shoes on more feet in 2016.

It’s never too late to lend a helping hand, and a new year is a great excuse to do so as some of you are probably still on holidays.

Purchase you’re very own pair of funky, inspirational and life-saving Moeloco’s today by visiting moeloco.com/shop or reach out to me at kathy@moeloco.com to find out more.

May you have a year of awesome abundance and remember to always dream crazy!


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