Woo Hoo we are finally here, in Calcutta!

As I write this I want to reflect on my journey so far, the biggest challenges and what it means for me to be going to India and seeing the children of Calcutta, the reason why I started on this journey 10 months ago.

I don’t think I really need to go into too much detail as to why I decided to Dream Crazy and started this journey because I talk about it a lot at speaking engagements and on my blog, often.

But something that I don’t talk of often is the challenges and struggles from behind the scenes. Throughout our Indian trip I am hoping to share with you in addition to sharing the children’s stories, video footage of some of the work that gets done behind the scenes to make this crazy dream a reality.

As I reflect back I think one of the biggest challenges has been trying to gain awareness for our mission, spending countless sleepless nights often working 20 hours straight to make sure things are running smoothly. But this is my passion and purpose and I know every bit of effort is making a difference. This is what keeps me going at times when things get tough.

At the very beginning I felt very much alone getting this enterprise started. I had only my family and friends to support me and just in the last 10 months, Moeloco has attracted an incredible community, collaborators, volunteers, consultants and supporters who have all made me feel so much more encouraged and supported along the way in different ways.

Going to India has been on my bucket list for sometime now but it hasn’t been something I could do until now. This trip means so much to me, firstly because I get to meet the children whom Moeloco are making a direct impact on, I get to experience India and the culture and the way of life first hand. Lastly, I can finally share footage from behind the scenes and bring to life the stories of these children straight to you. Whereas before this was not always available to us.

Here is a snap shot, a timeline of how it all began and some highlights of my journey so far:

Feb 2014 – Received my light bulb moment that planted the seeds of Moeloco whilst walking along Dee Why Beach.

April 2014 – Got involved with HOPE UK

June 2014 – go to China to visit the manufacturers and see our shoes on the production line

November 2014 – Flip flops arrive for the first time after 2 month delay  

December 2014 – Gained our first retailer, Power Living and met Alessandra Kitinas, our Teen ambassador

Jan 2015 – Donated first 400 shoes to Calcutta children! (This has increased to 2005 shoes donated as of October 2015!!)

June 2015 – Launched Moeloco club, kicking off a wave of new collaborations!

October 2015 – Head off to India to meet the children in Calcutta and share with you their stories and behind the scenes operations!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Moeloco so far. Please follow us on facebook  and stay up to date with behind the scenes footage of our trip in India!

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