JP O’Sullivan is the Director of Hope Foundation UK. He visited Australia a few weeks ago and in what can only be described as a whirlwind of a week, we managed to sit down and film a quick interview where JP shares more about what the Hope Foundation do in India.

It can be mind boggling for many of us in our safe environments here in Australia to comprehend the risks to the street children and orphans of Kolkata. In this video, JP talks through the proactive and sustainable programs the Hope Foundation oversee and the impact a simple pair of shoes can have on the life of a child in India.

“Many of the children in our care come to us from street environments, slum environments, from environments of being trafficked across the country and across borders and shoes aren’t something they’ve always had. We might find that strange here in the West. But in Kolkata, shoes are a prized possession.

I saw a boy when he was presented with his shoes, he took them to his room and put them under his pillow to safeguard them. That really represents what they mean to the kids in Kolkata.” JP O’Sullivan

Click on the video to have a listen.


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