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We’re enamored to write this spirited Christmas story about the divine collaboration with the HOPE Foundation.

As a little Aussie startup, knowing we’re also able to give back to the community leaves us in a very content place. We love the positive response received about our ultra cool rubber Flip Flops and also the inspiring words etched into the bottom of each sole. It’s a beautiful reminder of what we’re doing and how we’ve helped.

On top of the whole fashion focus, the vision ultimately is to help impoverished children and families in India using creativity and passion for their cause.

Through The HOPE Foundation, each time Moeloco’s are purchased, a brand new pair of canvas shoes is gifted to a less fortunate child. This allows for safe playing at home and school (these kids are located within some of the lowest socially economic areas of India). A beautiful slogan we use for this purpose is, ‘good 4 your sole’.

We’re running the extra mile and partnering with The HOPE Foundation to support the training of women, focusing on young 15 – 25 year olds. Currently some of the most vulnerable within the 300 million impoverished within India today – these numbers are surreal to read! HOPE is bringing a very sustainable approach to chip away at another layer of this issue by tackling education in these slum areas.

The HOPE Foundation has been around now for 15 years and their aim is to get kids off the streets of India. They have a beautiful story of faith and love working with those less fortunate.

Just reading and learning more about the deprivation of basic human needs are heartbreaking – basic needs including daily food and an education for children. Families are living below the poverty line and barely able to feed their children and education is not afforded, allowing the poverty cycle to continue.

Sanchita and Shukla’s stories are stunningly hopeful and give us some insight on how the situation can change with education and support from those who care.

Sanchita Ghosh

Sanchita’s husband earns Rs.10,000 (approximately $212 AUD) a month. Despite his long and tedious working hours, his income is not sufficient to adequately provide food, clothing or school costs for his two children. Before Sanchita’s involvement with HOPE, her husband was the sole earner in the family. Now that Sanchitas son is in upper nursery, soon to be attending school, Sanchita was eager to contribute to her family’s meager income to ensure her children could receive an education. Sanchita herself did not finish secondary school, and instead concentrated on working within her family and husbands home. Sanchita had basic stitching knowledge since a young age, but has improved the quality of her produce with great accuracy and speed since her training with HOPE. Now, Sanchita earns between Rs.3,000-4,000 per month (approximately $60-85 AUD), adding to her family’s income and hopes to continue to grow her income as she further engages in tailoring work with HOPE.

Shukla Adhikary

Shukla married at the age of 20, and now has a son studying in class XIII. Shukla’s husband works for a private firm, but earns as little as Rs. 5,000 a month (approximately $105 AUD), as his family was unable to financially support his education to finish secondary school. Shukla never graduated beyond class XIII herself, and is now determined to ensure her son breaks their family history of dropping out of school, and continues onto his dream of university. As Shukla’s husband is the only working member of their family, Shukla joined the Income Generation Unit to transform her passion of stitching and embroidery work into a sustainable and increased income to support her son’s education. Shukla learned to use a sewing machine through HOPE and now produces bags, clothes and scarves, earning approximately Rs. 3,000-4,000 a month (approximately $60-85 AUD). Shukla is eager to increase her skills, to make products she can sell for higher rates at local markets.

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To break this cycle, the HOPE Foundation has created vocational training programs covering hospitality, textiles, computers and design. The HOPE Life skill Institute hosts a 9 month course for young women and allows a 3 month job placement upon graduation. The institute is ultimately allowing a young women the fortune to learn a trade resulting in:


  • Keeping their families off the street
  • Having much needed independence
  • Meaningful lives
  • Self confidence and a place in society
  • Generating an income to sustain a life worth living
  • Allowing their own children to be educated

One of our Moeloco quotes, very close to our hearts is “We can collectively change the world one step at a time”. This gives a feeling of simplicity and that we can all make a small change.

This Christmas, we’re supporting the Lifeskill Institute by sponsoring the design of 1000 bags, acting as a limited edition gift pack with every pair of Moeloco’s purchased. The bag is signed by each of the young woman personally. This is a reminder of our real gift this Christmas – education, purpose, community and a chance at life! Family and friends will adore this gift and story.

We all want to be a part of the change for our children. Bless Moeloco’s partners for helping on this journey and Moeloco followers and supporters who give us the strength to inspire and continue this journey.

To a spirited and merry Christmas…


Kathy and the Moeloco team

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