Some of you know I began my social enterprise, Moeloco, just over two years ago for the sole purpose of helping children in India living in extreme poverty. When I learnt that every 3 minutes, a child is kidnapped and taken for organ harvesting or human trafficking, and that children as young as five run away to escape abusive families, living on the streets with no one, my heart broke. I could not stand by knowing that this was happening and I had to do something to help. In my drive to help, I lost myself and went down the road of burnout. I don’t want pity. I share this as many of us here would relate to wanting to help, not knowing how, and those who may be doing something similar to me may understand burnout. Hell, just being an entrepreneur can easily cause this! Here’s the good part: this year, I took three months off to nurture myself, and in this time of stepping away and self-reflection, I not only regained good health but also came back with a bigger vision of my role in the world.

Moeloco, my Dream Crazy, is all about connections and community. In fact, my dream began when I realised how disconnected humanity had become over the years. I chose flip flops, each with messages printed on them, as my vehicle to both create a social enterprise and strengthen the connections we have between us. Through this, Moeloco has helped over 5,000 children in need so far and brought so many people together, as a global community, to make a difference.

From Sydney to Europe and the United States, I connected with so many incredible beings who are harnessing this energy.  Some connections that I made were planned, others were random. But what is a random connection anyway? Maybe it was sheer luck that brought some of us together, maybe the Universe saw this energy that we are growing and decided to pitch in.

After visiting Europe, I met up with one such amazing soul: Our US Brand Ambassador, Gary Hurt, of feel alive ( Together, we travelled along the beautiful coastline of California and to the American Southwest.  Every step of the way was filled with the most inspiring people and social entrepreneurs. I got to meet Randall, our beautiful retailer in San Diego, of Randall’s Sandals. He lives and breathes Dream Crazy with all his heart, especially when he can do it in flip flops. I also had the opportunity of meeting Ann Campbell Hooper in person, who I had known for months through a Facebook group. When I was in California, I spoke to Kala Shah, Toan Lam and their Everyday Community Heroes program. This program reaches hundreds of children, all future changemakers, who are striving to make a difference in their community and the world. I felt honoured to help inspire them to achieve their dreams.

Children are really the heart of the Moeloco community. This spans from the children we support with our flip flops in India that allow them to go to school and have a safe, healthy future, to children who are now inspired to start their own social enterprises or make a difference in some other way. It is through travel that so much of this has been possible.

Travel also does something magical for your soul. You can truly see that we are all one, regardless of where we are in the world. We are all connected, all part of a global community, but it is how you nurture those connections that plays a major role in the difference you can make. For me, travelling and growing these connections has helped to put me on track to a real big, crazy dream: a world where every item we purchase gives back. Can you imagine it?

Whilst I was in the States, I created this video to inspire each of us as heart-centred entrepreneurs and those of you who are parents too. It is about how we must connect and continue to build a movement of love, and teach our kids compassion and kindness to create a new world. If this video touches you I would really love you to share this to your peeps so we can create a bigger movement for love, just include #moelocoisamovementforlove in every share.

I hope my story has inspired you to go out in the world and connect: connect with yourself, connect with others and connect with the world, and dream crazy.

Dream Crazy,

3 thoughts on “The Power of Connection and Community

  • April 27, 2017 at 2:17 am

    You “Go!” Kathy Wong!!!
    I would love to purchase some Moeloco flip flops and will do so…
    Loved meeting you in Chandler , AZ and look forward to connecting again, maybe in when I launch my neighborhood bungalow community ” Sonder Blu Villages” ..
    Until then, keep all that great energy!
    Betsy Tidwell

  • April 27, 2017 at 2:25 am

    Kathy.. you mentioned a special offer… you might want to put a big “Buy Here” inserted Box on every email and flyer you send out so that people will immediately respond to your call to action and purchase some flip flops! Betsy

    • April 27, 2017 at 10:21 am

      Hi Betsy, Really appreciate your support and generous words. It was so mice meeting you and Dawn’s network in Arizona. Thank you for purchasing and making a difference there too. Are we connected on social media platforms? Will also think about your suggestion too. X Kathy


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