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My cup was running over for sure last week! Two amazing events that simply accentuated to me how important community and the gift of good is to so many people. And that is a fact that is so good to know.





Firstly there was our Moeloco Club launch event where 100 of you braved a wet, cold night to attend. I was overwhelmed by your support and excitement in hanging out with other heart centred, like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs.

We were united in our desire to make a difference in the world, our humanity shone brightly!

My intention with this club is to assemble all the communities in my life and those not yet in my life for the purpose of co-creation, having fun and doing some good. Success only happens when we work with others.

The Moeloco Club will host and collaborate on community events to create the platform of an amazing business community.

Apart from introducing the Club initiative, the night also celebrated the visit of our two Irish guests from The Hope Foundation UK.  JP O’Sullivan is Hope’s UK Director and Rosie Stroud is Chair of Hope UK. I’m sure all of us were touched by JP’s stories of the children in Kolkata and his insights around the Hope Foundation’s incredible work. We are so proud to be one of the Hope Foundation’s charity partners.

One of the most amazing facts JP shared was that the Hope Foundation can save the life of one person for a year on 87 cents with the healthcare model they have designed!

The night saw us raise another 110 shoes for the children. Thank you so so much.

It’s important to recognise what Moeloco has achieved in its first six months of operation. Another 600 flip-flops are being purchased for our next delivery of shoes and we look forward to reporting on this further soon. That is now 1000 flip-flops that have been purchased thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

And speaking of supporters, it’s important to recognise our wonderful sponsors and performers.

Thank you to the Manly 16 Foot Skiff Sailing Club, Co-Shea Therapy , Omkara Retreats, The Safi Beauty RoomKaren Newall photography  and Julie Thoms.

And of course a big thank you our wonderful talent on the night – Holly Thoms, Alessandra Kitinas, Anthony Wong and Anikiko.

Plans will be underway shortly for our next event. If you are interested in partnering for a future event, do contact me.



Moeleco  moments 2

Nicholas and James with JP O’Sullivan, Director of the Hope Foundation UK – and me!


After the excitement of our Tuesday event on Saturday, the joy kept flowing when myself and sixteen other Moeloco community supporters participated in the beach walk organised by Nicholas Walker and James Brown.

James and Nicholas are in fifth class. Primary school! As part of their school’s Social Justice Program, students are asked to complete a Compassion in Action project. Such a great idea – well done Knox Grammar for helping to instil this culture of compassion and giving at such a young age.

The boys decided to walk 6km to help raise more shoes for the street children and orphans or Kolkata. And with a little help from their gorgeous mums, Vanessa and Elaine, and the key support of our Moeloco community, that is exactly what they did.

Read more about our Mini Soul Entrepreneurs here . Mini Soul Entrepreneurs and Moeloco Super Heroes!


moeleco beach walk


So humbled after this week. And you know what? I can feel the momentum.

And I LOVE it.

Before I forget! If you have a man in your life that needs a darn comfy pair of flip-flops and wants to change the world at the same time, you’re in luck! Moeloco flip-flops now come in Size 43 more suited to man sized feet. They are available in Dream Crazy and Peace designs but get in early as it will be a limited run.

Click here to buy I am Peace flip-flops in size 43.

Click here to buy Dream Crazy flip-flops in size 43


Size 43 - men


Dream crazy.







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