Apologies I have not been in touch with you for a little while.

Can you believe it? I have now been away for just over a month, after visiting the UK and now I am in Norway.

I have conducted another ten interviews in that time, spoken and mentored at a Global Women’s change maker event for Flourish in Manchester, met other social entrepreneurs at events and more!

It really was a big challenge for the first two weeks after that massive flight which took almost 50 hours to get to London due to all the crazy cancellations by my airlines and the bad connections. I then had jet lag like I have never known before, combined with the abnormal heat, Brits do not use air conditioning like us and launching Crazy Dreamers TV the day I flew out was extremely CRAZY!

Anyway, I am all good again, loving the freedom of being on the road and never knowing where my office is going to be set upon until I get there.

You know how I feel about connection and I am so living all the connections I am making.

I was fortunate enough to be able to take the new meetup I have created called Ripple Effect to London and hang out with some really cool change makers at this event.

Living this digital nomadic life has made me more resilient and focused in how I work. I have found more ways to be super productive too.

Hope you have been enjoying my travels and the show.

Our usual blog will be different whilst I am away.

Hope you like this new version.


If you do not want to miss any episodes of our weekly show click this link here.

Thank you for being a valued member of our community and I hope you may support me in this new chapter as we continue to grow awareness of Moeloco and the work of other change makers.

I will continue to impact the beautiful children we support whilst now finding more ways to change more lives!

Much love and Dream Crazy,

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