On the 6th of September, my mum and I went to TEDxYouth Sydney at the amazing Sydney Town Hall. The atmosphere in the room was electric and full of people willing to learn; everyone was so excited to hear what all the different speakers had to say; they weren’t just speakers, they were changemakers! In the few hours I was there I learnt heaps about a lot of different subjects, but most of all I learned about public speaking, such as how to connect with the audience and how to move around the stage. The speakers talked about the environment, the future, technology and even the magic world of maths.

Juliette Jones, Moeloco ambassador

Ivan Zelich

Ivan Zelich is an absolute math genius and really boggled my mind. He explained the complicated yet magical world of math in a way in which most of us can understand. He also encouraged creativity, saying it is what makes us human and different from artificial intelligence. I loved Ivan’s topic as it totally aligns with my personal beliefs. Creativity is important in all our lives, even brilliant mathematicians.

Here is a little bit about Ivan:

“At age 17, Ivan Zelich co-developed a ground-breaking mathematical theorem that works faster than a computer and has applications in better understanding geometric structures. The Liang-Zelich Theorem paved the possibility for anyone to deal with the complexity of isopivotal cubics, even though he had only a high-school level knowledge of mathematics. A paper on the theorem was published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Geometry, making Zelich and his collaborator Xuming Liang the youngest contributors ever to the journal. Aside from his passion for numbers, Ivan is a swimming state champion, speaks six languages, and has represented Queensland in chess. He is currently undertaking his fast-tracked undergraduate degree at University of Queensland.”

Our Favourite TEDxYouth Changemakers

My Mum’s favourite speaker was Grace Turtle. How great is her name? She spoke about lots of fantastical possibilities for the future, which is called speculative futuring. With her words and descriptions, she painted pictures of advanced societies integrated with amazing technology. She spoke to us about the idea that it is our responsibility to create the future the way we want it, always within a positive direction.

Another favourite of mine was Anastasia Volkova, who shared some pretty extraordinary statistics about the future of farms. Did you know that by 2050 food production would have to grow by 70% to feed the world? With the way things are right now, 70% is an impossible amount to produce in such a short time. This is actually crazy to think about. But don’t worry too much, because Anastasia is working on a way that drones can be used to monitor farms to reduce food waste and improve production yields. The best changemakers aren’t just out to advance their careers, they’re out to advance humanity.

My personal favourite was Chris Leben, who collaborates with the Australian icon, Lee Lin Chin. The talk featured Lee Lin Chin herself, along with some really funny jokes and sketches. They met working on the SBS news programs, and now not only work on their own comedy performances but also their creative TV and ad production company, All the Chin’s Men.

All the speakers were incredible in my opinion and taught me so much! That’s why I think sharing ideas at TEDxYouth and other events are so important. It is my dream to one day speak in front of large audiences and spread a positive message about hope, and having the opportunity to go to TEDxYouth Sydney with my mum was the first step to accomplishing my dream of being a keynote speaker. We can all be changemakers, when we have the right role models and mentors to guide us.

You can watch videos of the speeches here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRUP_I2OovE

More about:

Ivan Zelich – https://tedxsydney.com/contributor/ivan-zelich/

Grace Turtle – https://tedxsydney.com/contributor/grace-turtle/

Anastasia Volkova – https://tedxsydney.com/contributor/anastasia-volkova/

Chris Leben – https://tedxsydney.com/contributor/chris-leben/

I would like to thank Kathy, Moeloco’s founder for sending me and my Mum to this amazing event.

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Thanks for reading, and make sure to always follow your heart and be true to what you love. ❤️

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Juliette Jones, 14 year old Moeloco ambassador, Founder of CSJ Lemonaid


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