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Before we embarked on our Indian journey in October, we launched the #1000shoesforindia campaign. We hoped that, by taking you along and introducing you to the children we help, you would find it in your heart to help out the best you can. Put simply: we wanted to sell 1000 pairs of Moeloco’s by Christmas so 1000 children in Kolkata had shoes on their feet for Christmas.

With your help, we have reached our goal. I am incredibly grateful for each and every one of you who purchased a pair of our flip flops, who shared a post with your Facebook friends, who sent us words of support, and who followed our journey through India.

The past few months have been a learning experience for me, and one thing I have discovered is this: I haven’t built a following or a bunch of ‘likes’ on social media, rather a community. I have a second family in you, people who inspire me, support me and continue to lift me up. So every goal I reach is not mine, it’s ours. And needs to be shared with you.

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Christmas is the season of giving, being thankful for what you have and remembering that there is always someone out there doing it tougher. The children in Kolkata are doing it exceptionally tough; the city is home to the highest rates of human trafficking in the world, children are forced to sort through garbage, and are often abandoned by their family and abused.

For every pair of Moeloco’s sold, we donate a pair of canvas shoes through the Hope Foundation to Kolkata’s most disadvantaged children. Being barefoot, these children are denied the right to an education and are at a higher risk of contracting fatal foot diseases. Through the kindness of your heart, this won’t be the case for 1000 more children this Christmas.

Even though the campaign is over, our mission isn’t. There are still countless children out there who can’t go to school or have health problems because they don’t own a pair of shoes. You can continue to help these children by choosing where to shop. Visit or reach out to me at to find out more.

Peace, love and dream crazy,


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