Hope you are well and maybe you have been following my travel.

Since the last time I spoke with you I have visited Croatia, the Netherlands and Scotland.

Croatia has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world even though I was not able to have my decaf soya latte extra creamy.

They don’t do soya or decaf.

I had planned to spend my time in this amazing country where there are approximately 1200 islands, just holidaying as I did not think there was a social enterprise eco system , however I was wrong about that!

During my time in Croatia, I did an Air BNB experience, did you know these exist? I did not until recently, and I am so glad I discovered these. My first was a tour of the beautiful marina areas in Dubrovnik that most tourists are not aware of on my electric scooter with the wonderful Kristijn Dakovic who runs Green Ego Scooters. During our tour, I shared with Kristijn my Moeloco work and Crazy Dreamers TV. Two days later I was in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb interviewing and dining with two social entrepreneurs, one of which is a woman called Tina , who teaches social entrepreneurship in Croatia. I also discovered there is a social enterprise scene alive and well in Croatia too. Watch out for that interview on Crazy Dreamers TV soon.

A huge part of my travels and what has brought me such incredible joy is the wonderful souls I am meeting, many of who I only recently met on facebook, who I would then be invited to stay in their homes or others who I knew for some time again through social media like Rianne Klein Getlink, we had worked together but only met when we both visited the Netherlands and attended the World Social Enterprise Forum in Scotland.ve been privileged to give two presentations on Moeloco’s work in two different countries, Norway and the UK too.

All of these experiences have touched my heart in many ways. I really do believe there is no such thing as a random meeting and that well known quote comes to mind: “There are friends for one season and friends who come into your life for a reason.”

Social Enterprise Conference 2018

There are so many good people in this world and I met many more at my most recent stop in Scotland at the SEWF forum. There were 1500 thought leaders and change makers from all over the world.

Check out the video I made.

I am still digesting all the powerful learnings and trying to do follow ups with all the connections whilst editing some of the video interviews I recorded.

Do stay tuned for these.

Summer is Coming !

Thank you to those of you who have already started ordering your Moeloco’s in time for summer!

You may also want to start planning your Christmas gift shopping, I know it’s crazy right, this silly season will be upon us before we know it!

I shall be going to India as I am now an ambassador for another social enterprise project called Tribes for Good which is running a social impact journey in Mumbai this November. I shall be part of an international group of women coming together to work on three Indian social enterprise projects to help grow their impact.

I will also be visiting our charity partner the Hope Foundation to give some more shoes and visit the children. I cannot wait for this!

Crazy Dreamers TV

Please keep sharing and watching our show. We are very grateful for your positive feedback, with many more social enterprises being featured. This show has been gaining some momentum but we really do need the world to become aware of its existence as we attempt to broaden the awareness and education around all the amazing businesses in the world who are choosing to create social impact and profits for greater change.

Did you catch our last episode? Cannot believe we are up to Episode 9 now.

Did you know that every year 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted?

That’s the equivalent to half a million full size olympic swimming pools. Our episode 8 featured Sophie Andre of Elysia Catering who has a mission around zero food waste.

This young social entrepreneur from the UK has created an incredible business where she takes food that would be wasted and gives it a new life. Learn about what this innovative entrepreneur has created.

You can see more episodes of Crazy Dreamers TV show here: www.facebook.com/crazydreamersTVshow.

Until next time,

Dream crazy,

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