Conscious shopping

The consumer landscape is quickly shifting as more companies are gaining more awareness about the important social issues that must be addressed. And with the rise of social media, consumers are now realising how important this is.

There are plenty of social enterprises like Moeloco who give back for every item sold. For example, Toms.

This is the new emerging business model that works by giving back to the community and in many cases saves lives too.

I know this is a topic I talk about a lot with Christmas just around the corner, it’s a good time to be reminded about what kind of impact we want to make, what message we want to give our kids.

With the increase of more organisations like us coming into the market, the demands of the conscious shopper are growing too; shoppers who want to know exactly where their money is going and how in fact their purchases are impacting the world and are making a difference.

Social media makes it easier for companies today to be more transparent, to show their audience they are real. Which is one of the reasons I am so excited about going to India to visit the children Moeloco help. I want to show our followers the stories we share are real and how what we are doing is in fact making a lasting impact to so many lives.

As conscious consumers we have the choice to make better purchase decisions. We have the power to make a difference and decide where our money goes. So I encourage you this holiday season to think about the products you are buying for friends and family and how your purchase decisions are contributing to a better world.

I wish it was the case we could solve all problems of the world but at the level we are this is simply impossible. However, as a young organisation it’s incredible to still be able to help save the lives of children who so desperately need our help. And with your help and collaboration too we are able to make an even bigger impact.

How empowering is it to be able to save a life with just a simple purchase. Well as consumers today, we do have this option to make a big difference no matter how small the gesture. The power is in our hands. Join this movement of conscious consumers. And lets give a voice to those less fortunate and make a difference together.

We invite you to help us make a difference to the lives of so many living in poverty by buying a pair of our Moeloco Flip Flops from a range of beautiful options including our newest gratitude flip flop here.

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