As anyone who follows Moeloco and the Hope Foundation know, help extends to teaching the children and young adults they work with skills that can set them up for a future career. It gives the children a new skill, something to strive for.

It gives them focus and….well…hope!

I want to tell you about the Punarjiban Photography Unit.

Punarjiban Protection Home of HOPE Kolkata Foundation is unique for its Photography Unit. Most of the boys engaged with the unit were street children, orphans, school dropouts, runaways, exploited or abused children denied their fundamental right of living the life of a protected, carefree and happy child.

At Punarjiban, besides providing formal education and other learning opportunities, various life skill training is given with a view to build their careers in the future.

The Punarjiban Photography Unit was started in 2008 with objectives of teaching photography courses to interested boys. In 2009, the unit also got a computer from a HOPE volunteer so software such as Photoshop could be added to the program. Most of the boys started the photography course with enthusiasm and Mr Subhendu Halder, a renowned local photography teacher associated with the organization, was engaged as photography teacher.

He dedicated himself to teach the photography course to the boys.

Some of the boys continued on to the advanced photography course under the watchful guidance of Mr Halder with two of them, Raja and Biswajit joining Laxmi Narayan Studio as apprentices! Raja is now an employee there with a paid salary and Biswajit is now working with HOPE Community Video Unit and earns a monthly salary.

How good is that?

Within a few short years, two young boys who had no hope have got a job, a fantastic skill and a future.

But it doesn’t stop there. In 2012, two boys of Punarjiban Home – Abul and Saddam – continued their pursuit of photography as a career. They completed the photography course and now have been invited to exhibit their photos at various photography programmes and exhibitions all over Kolkata.


See, THIS is why Moeloco exists. To keep trying. To keep funding. To keep HOPE alive, literally and metaphorically. Lives are changing……..and THAT is what gets me up in the morning.

What a great story!

Have a look at some of these gorgeous photos from the boys of the Punarjiban Photography Unit and then scroll down for our exciting news about the Moeloco Club Launch and a word from our special guest at the event, JP O’Sullivan, Director of HOPE Foundation UK.

pic 2

NOW, don’t forget we are ramping up our Moeloco offering to include the Moeloco Club, a place where like-minded soul entrepreneurs and supporters of Moeloco and our wonderful flip-flops can come together to create magic and keep our crazy dreams alive and work towards our vision to help as many street children and orphans in Kolkata as possible via HOPE Foundation.

I am beside myself that the guest presenter at the event will be JP O’Sullivan, Director of the HOPE Foundation UK. Here is what he has to say about his work with HOPE and his first visit to Australia.

pic 3“Over the years, my involvement with HOPE has grown and deepened. Joining the organisation as a university-based volunteer, I had the opportunity to visit Kolkata with HOPE, immerse myself in the city and engage with those whose lives and survival depend on HOPE.”

Within the organisation we regularly look around ourselves and see the growing family that we are all part of. It is an honour to be with a foundation which has a global focus. Geography does not affect our work, borders do not prevent us reaching out, we are HOPE for so many and so many bring HOPE back to us, daily, live from Kolkata.”

“I am very excited to be visiting Australia for the first time with Rosie Stroud, Chair of Hope UK to meet, Kathy Wong and the incredible Moeloco community supporting Kathy and Hope.”

As are we, JP!

Tuesday 16 June
Manly Skiff Club

To make sure you don’t miss out on a fantastic night of inspiration, knowledge-sharing and fundraising, click here  to book your ticket.

And don’t forget the more people we have and the more funds we raise, the more shoes we get on to the feet of Kolkata’s street children and orphans.

Dream crazy.


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