RukhsanaIn our daily lives as we sit and complain about the traffic or having to wait in line at the supermarket, whatever it maybe……sometimes it’s good to remember that having these sorts of trivial problems are what makes us lucky.

Its stories like Ruksana’s that bring me back from these moments and remind me to express and practice gratitude and keep working hard on Moeloco.

Let me tell you about Ruksana’s life.

Ruksana is now 18 years old, with two younger brothers at Ashirbad Boys Home and one younger sister at Kasba Girls home. She came to the Hope Foundation’s Protection Home in Kolkata in November 2003.

Her mother, used to live on the pavements of New Market, a well-known market in Central Kolkata, working in a shop as well as begging. She faced violence, physical and mental abuse on the streets where she used to live. After the birth of her second child, Ruksana’s mother separated from her first husband. She got married again and in the course of time gave birth to two boys. But she was not happy in her married life as she had to face the same sort of life with her second husband. So she got separated again.

Not long after, Ruksana’s mother met Miss Mary, a foreigner who introduced her to the Hope Foundation. Ruksana’s mum wanted to keep her safe from the dangers of living on the streets so she placed her in a Hope Foundation Protection Home 12 years ago.

Ruksana’s new life within the Hope Foundation Protection Home meant that she could feel safe for the first time in her short little life. Her creative side has thrived. She is an excellent artist and has lots of innovative ideas in art and craft. She is a good dancer and is in her second year of a course in Indian Classical dance.

These are opportunities that would never have been available to her living on the streets.

Ruksana’s mother has remarried and while things are still tough for the family, they now have a roof over their head. The family lives in one small room, 10 x 10 square feet and share a common toilet with three families. They have a tube for their drinking well and while it doesn’t sound salubrious by Western standards, it is better than a life on the streets.

In April of this year, the Child Welfare Council issued a Restoration order for Ruksana to live with her family again.

She is introverted and shy but very close to her mother and loves her sister and younger brothers.

A family separated by circumstance is back together again. Safely.

THIS is the work the Hope Foundation do every day.

And tonight as we launch the Moeloco Club at our inaugural event, I know that choosing the Hope Foundation to work with was the absolute right decision.

These stories of survival, support and success are the songs that lift our Dream Crazy souls into action every single day.

Dream crazy.

X Kathy






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