With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I am dedicating this blog to all things pink.

Pink has become a symbol of femininity; it has formed part of a stereotype of being a traditional ‘girl’. When a couple have a baby girl, their baby shower is quite literally ‘showered’ with balloons, wrapping paper, banners and baby essentials ­ all in the colour pink.

The association between women and pink, I believe, comes from the attributes of ‘stereotypical’ female personalities, corresponding with the things pink represents.

The colour pink is said to represent nurturing, compassion, romance and love. It is a symbol of love, hope, and other attributes of a girl’s personality.

live love

I propose we take a leaf out of the singer P!NK’s book, and redefine the colour. The singer is known for her edginess, confidence and individuality. If anything, the colour pink should be a representation of the modern woman: unique and individual.

It should have a different meaning for every man or woman. For me, the colour pink is bold; a colour of rebellion and resistance from the status quo.

Being such a vibrant colour that not many could pull off, stepping out flaunting a bright shade of pink oozes confidence, an attribute of the modern woman.

Having become a colour symbolic of breast cancer awareness ­ a cause important to all women and also men, not only those suffering from it ­ it is a colour of bravery and strength.

This month, I have decided to challenge the traditional feminine stereotype of pink, and come up with a new, personal meaning for the colour. And to all reading this, I say the same. I challenge you to redefine the colour pink and give it your own new meaning.

Namaste party

I’m currently trying to decide whether to wear my pink sari to Moeloco’s Namaste Party on February 25th. Planning for the event is going well and tickets are being snapped up ­ so you’re going to have to get in quick to avoid disappointment. It’s a great opportunity to meet other heart­centred entrepreneurs but, more importantly, help us fundraise more shoes for our kids in need. You can find out more about Namaste and how you can get your tickets here, or by contacting Kathy Wong on

Good Vibes and Abundance



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