I’m honored to interview an old friend Jono Fisher. He is an extraordinary man who founded the Wakeup Project, a community that celebrates mindful living and leadership.

In 2009 he had an idea to start a ‘kindness revolution’. He left his job, designed some ‘Kindness Cards’ and booked a venue for his first-ever event. This simple idea has grown into Australia’s largest and most trusted community celebrating mindful living and leadership.

It’s now a community of 75,000+ people. 250,000+ Kindness Cards have been posted and more than 30,000 guests have attended 50+ sold-out events – a wonderful journey bringing together world leading speakers, musicians and scientists to help awaken the best in people and organisations.

In this interview you will be inspired by how Jono started this amazing movement through the simple act of kindness.
Click on the link to listen and enjoy!



Dream crazy.

X Kathy






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