New Year

Happy New Year!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, as well as a great start to 2017. Perhaps with the beginning of the New Year, you want to start something new in your life. This may be a new business (even a social enterprise!), or studying for a new career, or something different in your personal life such as moving to a new location.

2017 may be a special year for new beginnings. According to numerology, 2017 is a Number 1 year. A Number 1 year is all about new beginnings and making fresh starts in life. It is believed that everything you do this year, along with your mindset, will set the tone for the next nine years. Fortunately, the energy of a 1 year promotes action, decisiveness and new ideas; who knows what amazing things could happen? It’s also important to be patient, as your new ideas and manifestations could take up to the entire year to bear fruit.

The other important message for a Number 1 year is that it’s now time to focus on your authentic self, instead of compromising on your needs and dreams. If you’re doing something like starting a new business or studying for a new degree, it is essential that you avoid burnout, which can cloud your dreams and even harm your health. I myself burnt out in my previous design business, and on my own journey of healing I learnt the importance of self-care and avoiding constant self-sacrifice.

For Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post, her lesson was also learnt the hard way. Two years after becoming editor-in-chief of the now major news site, she was so burnt out that she collapsed from exhaustion and broke her cheekbone. This inspired her to write the 2014 bestselling book Thrive, which presents us with a new model for success, one that features wellbeing and wonder. More recently, she launched Thrive Global, a company all about promoting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace. Thrive Global trains companies on how to promote and measure employee wellness; sells products such as meditation guides and smartphone-silencers; and acts as a media hub all about holistic wellness. I think this is an exciting new development, as we are all learning that self-care is not a sign of weakness. They are also partnering with Glassdoor, a job search site that features employee’s reviews, to create a Thrive Index that rates how well a company supports its workers’ wellbeing and ability to live a fulfilling life outside of work. As Robert Hohman, CEO of Glassdoor, said:

“Jobs are more than paychecks. Today’s top talent want to work for a company with a strong mission and purpose where they feel like they can make a difference and where they believe they are supported not just professionally, but personally with a meaningful life outside of work.”

Of course, here at Moeloco we are all about making a difference – our “why” is to help build a better world by empowering kids. Part of nurturing ourselves, as entrepreneurs, as employees, and as people, is having a “why” that helps us be the change we want to see in the world and stay motivated on our bad days.

What is your “why”?

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