“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love.”

Mildred B. Vermont

mothers love is universal

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her child. Sure, parents and families come in so many different shapes and sizes and colours and dimensions – and they’re all beautiful but a mother’s love is universal.

Good mothers love her children unconditionally. She nourishes them with good, homemade food to get them through the day. She looks after them when they’re sick. She comforts them when something’s wrong. She cracks a joke to cheer them up. She stands up for them when she feels they’re unfairly treated, but she’ll make sure they know when they’ve done wrong. She tries to make sure they go to bed without a worry in the world and a smile on their face.

mothers love is universal

There is nothing my mother can’t do. She’s the most compassionate, kindest, graceful woman I’ve ever met. She never asks for anything for herself. My mother’s love extends to everyone around her – all that she does, she does for everyone else.

She made sure to raise me and my siblings up to know the importance of respect, kindness and consideration. I know that it is because of my mum that I’ve had – and continue to have – so many great, loving and enduring friendships and relationships.

She’s an amazing cook, always whipping up delicious dishes for us to enjoy, and she’s a great life partner to dad – they’re most definitely soul mates.

I remember that when we were younger, right through until we were young adults, mum would buy her own presents and wrap them up for us to give to her. In fact, I wonder if she’s bought her own Mother’s Day present yet. It wouldn’t surprise me!

Her selflessness has extended to my business endeavours. She has always supported me through all my entrepreneurial journeys but, most importantly, with my most important journey yet – Moeloco.

Did you know she is the person who hand wrote the thousands of cards that went out with the fridge magnets when Moeloco first launched?

While dad has always helped out too, being our warehouse manager and courier, mum’s always there, helping with admin work and making sure we’re fed and warm through those long nights of packing shoes.

I’m so lucky to have a woman as special as her to call mum and to know that my mother’s love is unconditional.

Meanwhile, in Kolkata, there are so many mothers living in poverty with their children. They also share this loving bond with their children, but feel guilty that they can’t give more to them or look after them as best they can, given their circumstances.

Kolkata is the most dangerous place in the world for women and girls, and this definitely makes it harder for mothers to provide adequate care and safety for their children.

So, this Mother’s Day, this Sunday May 8, let’s spare a thought for the many mothers in Kolkata who are doing it tough, but doing their best to raise their children.

You can help them out by reading more about our charity partner, HOPE, here. Or purchase a last minute Mother’s Day gift for your mum, a pair of Moeloco’s, to ensure their child is able to go to school.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’ve teamed up with Free Spirit to offer this beautiful Mother’s Day promo! Remember: for every pair of Moeloco flip flops sold, we are empowering mothers and children out of poverty.

mothers love is universal

Because, sometimes, the best gift you can give a mother is the assurance their child will be okay.

Love, hugs and a Happy Mother’s Day,

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