Christmas is often described as “the most wonderful time of year”, though for millions around the world dealing with poverty or illness, or for the planet experiencing environmental destruction, it sadly isn’t the case. Millions more may be able to afford and enjoy gifts and celebrations, but are tired of empty commercialism with no true meaning or purpose. For Christmas to become wonderful for everyone, it’s time to make the holiday season more socially conscious.

How Much Do We Spend?

On average, Australians plan to spend a total of $955 over the Christmas season. The average spending on gifts alone ranges from $505 in South Australia, to $646 in Western Australia (Source: ASIC’s MoneySmart). However, it is Ireland with the biggest Christmas spenders, at an average of 755 British pounds in 2013 – over 1300 Australian dollars! In contrast, the average Brazilian spent 166 pounds, or around $290. With the billions of dollars we collectively spend on the Christmas holiday, why not focus on gifts that give back?

LOVEBomb – Jewelry that Gives Back

When you look at or pick up a piece from LOVEBomb, you may notice a different appearance and texture to other silver jewelry. This is because the LOVEBomb line is made with scrap metal from unexploded landmines, and helps to speed the clearance of these destructive weapons as a result. Purchasing an item also supports the local artisans in Laos who produce them, as well as education and sanitation projects.

CSJ LeMoNaiD – Socially Conscious Lemonade

When one of our Youth Ambassadors, Juliette Jones, lost her nonno to Motor Neuron Disease (MND), she wondered why the disease receives relatively little funding for a cure. Then with family support, she decided to start a lemonade stand in order to raise money for research, which eventually grew into her brand of traditional lemonade, CSJ LeMoNaiD. With our hot Australian summers, perhaps some lemonade would be a refreshing addition to the lunch table?

Nui Collective

Can’t decide? Nui Collective supports a range of socially conscious businesses on their website, where you can see twelve diverse options in the one place. Some of the brands available support a cause, others have a one-for-one model like Moeloco, or you can support brands selling eco-friendly, organic products or those with a focus on fair trade. The Nui Collective itself supports projects in the Mentawai Islands that provide food security with agricultural and business training, as well as maternal health with education on topics such as hand washing and nutrition.

Tell Someone Who Cares

Who knew that one little stocking stuffer could contribute to such a great cause? TSWC soap is made with illipe butter, a sustainable alternative to palm oil that does not contribute to deforestation. Supporting this social enterprise, another of our partners, helps to regenerate rainforest and economically empower indigenous people of Indonesia to prevent their dependence on palm oil companies.


If you want a socially conscious Christmas, your best tool is likely to be the Goodsmiths website. Gifts, experiences, food and party supplies are all featured on the site. They only advertise social enterprises or B Corps, businesses that achieve high social and environmental standards. We are happy to mention that Moeloco is listed on Goodsmiths, which puts out a Christmas holiday gift guide every year.

Temples and Markets

Temples and Markets is an online curated store showcasing Artisan Made Fashion Accessories, Jewellery, Bags and Home Décor, unique to the region of S. E Asia. Each product is ethically and personally sourced and tells the stories behind the products and the people who make them. The business proudly supports Emerging Designers, Artisan Groups and Social Enterprises. This store is fast becoming Australia’s Go-To Store for Unique and Ethical Gifts for the whole family.

Styelle Bikinis

When you wear your Styelle bikini, you know that you not only look and feel great – but you have made your contribution to the ethical fashion movement. There are no children employed at our production houses – even the off-cuts of the materials are donated for art and crafts. The residues and recyclables are separated and collected by Votuporanga’s recycling company.

This is not an exhaustive list of social enterprises that sell great Christmas gifts and supplies. Regardless of which social enterprise models or causes mean the most to you, the variety of options we have brings new meaning to the spirit of giving.

And dont forget Moeloco too has some really great offers at the moment, great as stocking fillers, we keep being told!

We would love to assist you in Christmas ordering and gift more shoes to the kids we support.

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