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The world in 2015 is moving faster than ever before. Technology makes everything easier, yes. But it also makes everything faster. And what’s happening? As humans we are trying to keep up. A marathon of life that is actually stripping creativity and its need for space from our subconscious.

Carl Honore is a journalist and author of In Praise of Slow. He is dedicated to slowing the people of the world down – you can watch his TED talk here  – and the cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better.

“Everyone these days wants to know how to slow down but they want to know how to slow down really quickly!” Carl Honore

I love what he stands for. I know I have to mindfully slow myself down when I can feel myself in the middle of overwhelm. I have to tell myself it’s time to jump off the entrepreneurial hamster wheel.

And when I do jump off that wheel for some time out, I use technology for good not evil.

Here are some of the Moeloco teams’ favourite apps for the slowing down of the mind, body and soul.



When you need to take a breath – literally! – this is the app for you. This app gives you diaphragmatic breathing exercises to practice which will help with mood stabilisation, anger control and anxiety management.


Follow sequences of mindful movements that will slow the heart rate and bring some much needed serenity to your day. You can choose between a traditional approach and a more detailed western approach where each movement is accompanied by detailed comments.


For seasoned meditation experts or for newbies, this app provides up to 80 sounds you can use as a soundscape to your personal meditation practice. Pop your ‘I am Peace’ Moeloco flip-flops on and get ready for a whole lot of zen.


Gratitude is a simple way to refocus the brain when things feel out of control and negative. Documenting what you are grateful for can give you a burst of positivity, slow the mind down and bring it back to a state of calm and thankfulness.


This app offers daily quotes, affirmations, challenges and questions to help you slow down and give and receive more love. Created by the founder of the successful Tiny Buddha website where the focus is on simple wisdom for complex lives, this app will remind you to stop, put your ‘Live Love’ Moeloco flip-flops on and smell the roses.

How about you? Do you have any must-have apps that celebrate savouring the slow in our world?

Dream crazy.








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