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Happy New Year, or as is said in Hindi, nayye saal ki haardik shubh-kaam-nayen!

I hope you all had a glorious Christmas and New Year. I am certainly feeling positive and recharged, ready to take on whatever 2018 brings! In starting a new year, I like to make reflections on the previous 12 months, looking back on my achievements and what I have learnt.

Reflections on What I Learnt Last Year

With every year that passes, my life becomes richer than the last, with no shortage of new experiences that have brought many new connections and learnings. Having said that though, I felt that every time I did learn something new, I also realised how much I did not know. Looking back, I have learnt to sit comfortably in the uncomfortable unknown too.

Slow Down to Speed Up

For six months last year, I was a student of the TDI two feet social enterprise accelerator program. This program really should be called a decelerator, as I was forced to slow down and completely deconstruct the business, leaving me with many questions. Talk about being uncomfortable! However, I came out the other end with fresh eyes, allowing me to explore some very exciting ideas in moving Moeloco forward.

Looking Back on a Key Learning

When I started my social enterprise journey about three years ago, there were only a handful of organisations like Moeloco. Now, there are so many more good people using business to give back. Whilst there is a lot of learning occurring, possibly more than many other sectors, change makers are all figuring out how to measure and create more impact.

One of my key learnings last year has been how crazy the online world we all live in has become.

It really is like the Matrix films, where we are all permanently plugged in to our digital channels trying to navigate through all the noise. Moeloco has built the most engaged, international community largely through social media, and it would have been impossible to create our tribe without it. Unfortunately, the world is losing the art of human connection, and I learned that the new online is offline. Face to face contact is still the best way to connect, and so the latter quarter of last year was spent with regular pop ups.

My Other Reflections

Looking back on 2017, I see how much I have learnt about the power of youth. I have continued to meet so many inspiring young people who are getting out there in the world and making change. From Holley, helping to save Indonesia’s rainforests with her Tell Someone Who Cares brand of soap, to Juliette raising money for Motor Neurone Disease research with CSJ LeMoNaiD, there is no shortage of engaged youth with entrepreneurial spirit. I began the Moeloco youth movement to connect, support and inspire young social entrepreneurs, whether their business is well-established or in the planning stage. If you are, or know, a young social entrepreneur, or would like to support our youth movement, feel free to contact me for more information.

Moeloco means “dream crazy”, and it is my mission to help others around the world to dream crazy and see their visions come to life. Apart from encouraging all of us to tap into our purpose, I am now wanting to share our story of using business for good on a much larger scale. I will be more active in the world of public speaking and if you can help me with any opportunities or contacts please contact me.

My reflections on 2017 point to one conclusion, that it had been an amazing year which also built a strong foundation for many more wonderful years to come. Moeloco and its ability to support other changemakers reached new heights, and we are contributing to creating a world where every product and service makes a positive difference.

Until next time,

Dream crazy,

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