If you’re having a little trouble getting out of weekend mode (like us in the Moeloco office today!) then this blog post was written juuuuuuust for you.

The day I decided to dream crazy and create Moeloco flip flops I was sitting on a beach. It’s a place of clarity for me. Time out. Sitting with nature. Watching nature. Swimming in nature. Such a beautiful moving reminder of how important it is to keep Mother Nature happy.

Because look at how happy she has made us.

So beaches are a big part of my life and a big part of lots of the wonderful people who buy a pair of Moelocos too. And here is a post about some of the most stunning and hidden away beaches you could ever hope to step on to.

And if you do….make sure you have your Moelocos on, so our messages of hope, peace and happiness can spread across the world.


1. SARDINIA Cala Mariolu

South of sleepy resort town Cala Gonone, Cala Mariolu is all crystal clear waters and smooth white pebbles. You’ll definitely need your Moelocos when you step on to one of the most beautiful beaches and regions of Italy.

SARDINIA Cala Mariolu



2. PUERTO RICO Playa Tortuga

If you’re not sure of how beautiful Puerto Rico is just follow Ricky Martin on Instagram. He regularly posts images of him wandering along pristine beaches in his home country. Playa Tortuga is one of the picks for travellers who love to head off the beaten track. On the tiny coral island of Isla Culebrita, Playa Tortuga is crying out for some Moelocos “I Am Peace” action.

2.	PUERTO RICO Playa Tortuga


3. COOK ISLANDS Titikaveka Beach

It’s no secret the Cook Islands is a piece of paradise on earth. On the main island of Rarotonga, you can pop your Moelocos on and walk around the whole island or until you get tired and catch the bus. As it’s surrounded by a lagoon, you keep walking along one big long beach! Heaven. Those palm trees on Titikaveka Beach look just about right for a hammock that you can plant your “Dream Crazy” pair of Moelocos under, no?

3.	COOK ISLANDS Titikaveka Beach



4. MALAYSIA Tanjong Jara

There are so many beautiful beaches in Malaysia. Just when you think you’ve seen the most stunning, you keep travelling and boom! Another one to blow your Moelocos right off your sun-kissed tootsies. This is Tanjong Jara Beach on the east coast of the mainland. That’s a view across the South East China Sea right there.

Pic 4




The yTravel blog is one of our favourite travel blogs here in the Moeloco office so when they say something is good, we listen. On a recent trip around Australia they tested out most of the beaches in Western Australia for us – that’s commitment for you! 😉 Here is Coral Bay, part of the Ningalo Reef Region. That water. That sand. Perfect for a pair of “Because I’m Happy” Moelocos.


Image Credit: yTravel blog



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