A few weeks back I went to watch the small feature premiere of a film about The True Cost of Fast Fashion and how the industry not only affects the factory workers but also the rest of the world including us – the consumers.

One of the main messages here really hit home for me, about how our everyday purchase decisions can have real consequences on people’s lives and the environment. I wrote about that here.

Watching this film really reminded me why I got into the business of Social Enterprise – running business with the goal to make a difference in the world and maximise social impact and leave a lasting message of hope and inspiration.

After watching, it only made me realise how much there is to learn, to improve on and understand. You see the world is so big and complicated. And while many of us want to be able to save the world, and I must admit this was a huge motivation for me. The reality is it is just not possible to do alone. But when we come together, we don’t have to.

I have to share with you, when you start something from a genuine place of wanting so much to give back and make a solid difference to a child’s life, it can really make you sad and disappointed to learn how cruel the world can be. This is something I have learnt first hand from working with our charity partner, The HOPE Foundation UK who spend 24 hours a day directly helping children find a home, feel loved and a sense of hope with a secure future to look forward to. As you can imagine, there are some real stories that will simply break your heart.


So it makes me really proud to know that for every pair of Moeloco flip flops sold a pair of closed shoes are given to an orphan child in India who desperately need shoes. Such a simple luxury helps them get to school and fight life-threatening diseases so many of us here in the west take for granted.

This might seem like a little but we are always working and collaborating with organizations and our charity partner to ensure these children get the best chance at life possible. But it is not something we can achieve on our own.

And is why I am emphasize the need to collaborate and come together to make a bigger impact, to leave a bigger footprint and message of hope, love and inspiration.

It is one of my goals to inspire you to do the same however that might like for you, whether big or small. Perhaps you give back to community by volunteering at local events or donate to a charity or simply participate at your children’s school fairs. Or maybe you make the conscious effort to make purchases that support local business or buy products that are ethically produced or make a difference.

Whatever it is I want you to ask yourself in what ways are you leaving your mark, your footprint and what does your message say?

If you would like to leave your message of hope, peace or love and make difference this spring too click here.

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