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How are you expressing your kindness to yourself and others?

Did you know that close to a third of Australian workers are in their workplace for 50 hours per week? How many hours did you work last week? Are you part of this statistic?

Let’s talk about kindness. Sure, achieving a work-­life balance doesn’t always work out, but overworking can lead to many health­ related issues such as obesity, stress, depression, poor circulation & fatigue and can affect not only the individual but their families too. I know I’m overworking and not expressing my self-kindness when I contract the common flu, it’s my body’s way of telling me to slow down!

These figures are especially higher for self­-employed workers and entrepreneurs who spend most of their day overlooking the smooth running of their businesses.

There are people, including myself, who love working and staying busy… but at what point do we say enough? At what point do we ask ourselves, is this kindness? 

Yes, under current legislation, you have the right to request more flexible working hours but your boss accepting these is another thing.

I think we need to start being more kind to ourselves. By learning the art of self-kindness, we are at the same time expressing our kindness to others. We’re so quick to let others have breaks, some time off or finish earlier, yet we put so much pressure on ourselves to get the work done.


I’ve built Moeloco to be a fun, relaxed, loving, kind and inspirational brand, but sometimes, I get so lost in my work, I forget to uphold those values in nurturing myself.

This year, I would like that to change.

I think we’re all capable of taking regular breaks, napping more and working from the inside out. Signing off early from time to time is another thing we can do for some true self-love and kindness time.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that all the work can’t be done in one sitting. With realistic planning, we can teach ourselves to break down the load into bite-­sized chunks so we work more efficiently…and with energy to spare.

I don’t have an excuse as to why I’ve been treating myself so poorly and nor do you. So I call on you to take the stand with me, learn the art of kindness and be kinder to yourself. We only have one chance at this thing called life, so there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy the ride too! (All work, no play never made anyone happy)

You can begin the self­-kindness journey by treating yourself to a pair of our inspirational flip flops. For every pair sold, a pair of canvas shoes is donated to a child in need. So they’re not only kind for your feet, but kind for your soul too! Visit or contact me at to find out more.

With Love and Kindness,


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