It can be amazing to see that you are able to help empower other kids and share the knowledge we had been given. As teenagers, we often think that there isn’t much we can do to change the world because we’re so young but we can! Kids are able to make a difference in other kids’ lives and there is something so exciting about that! In the future, Moeloco will be trying to create more opportunities for kids to help kids so keep an eye out for the new opportunities that are to come and remember there is always something you can do to make a difference. Our founder, Kathy, has a vision for our world. She imagines a world in which every service or product gives back in some way and she envisions that this change will be driven by kids like me.

For a week in late March I visited Nyngan in rural NSW to teach a group of 90 kids key dance and gymnastics skills. I was able to create change. The camp was organised by Gordon Uniting Church, Pymble Ladies College, Knox Grammar School, Ravenswood (my school) and Nyngan Uniting Church. I went with nine other girls from my school, six girls from PLC and six boys from Knox and about 10 teachers. Together we taught the kids drama, music, dance, gymnastics, robotics, art, science and sport. This experience was incredible for everybody involved.


It was amazing to see kids from Sydney schools building such strong relationships and sharing so much knowledge with the girls and boys from smaller rural schools. In the beginning, some of the children were reluctant to be at the camp because they had already been sand it was difficult to motivate them. By the end of the week it was great to see those same kids loving each moment they spent around other kids their age. Majority of the schools who attended the camp had thirty or less students in their whole school and less than five teachers. Due to the small school sizes, the children didn’t often get to interact with many kids of their age so was a very exciting week for them!

“Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

The conversations I had with the children revealed things about their lives that surprised me. I asked one young girl what her favourite fruit was and she said that she loved watermelon but she didn’t eat it often because her family couldn’t afford it. This was shocking to me! Most of the people I know don’t think twice about spending a few dollars on a watermelon but this money was obviously everything to this family. The kids were also very surprised to learn that if you lived in the city you had to wait until you were sixteen before you could drive. Many of the kids told me that they had been driving around the fields from a very young age without any license which seems to obscure to me and even a bit scary!

This camp was extraordinary and there is nothing that would reflect the vision our founder has for our world more perfectly.

Until next time, don’t be ordinary, be extraordinary.


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