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When people think about Australia Day, they think beaches, barbies, lamingtons
and beer… lots of beer.

But did you know that thong throwing has come to be a form of Australian sporting glory, a part of the fabric that makes us, well, Australian? Yes, throwing flip flops is a thing and, in some Australian communities, is even an Aussie Day tradition.

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The Manly Daily holds an annual thong throwing competition at Moeloco hometown Dee Why Beach where all you have to do is throw the thong the furthest to win. It’s a fun game for all ages, with most competitors being adults.

Did you know that the furthest a thong has been hurled at Dee Why is an almost whopping 50 metres in 2014?

The origins of thong throwing – or the ‘thong chuck’ as some call it – is unknown, but one thing is certain, the competition has come to welcomed into Australian culture and won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

Warringah Council will also be putting together giant water slides, camel rides and a barbecue from 7am-2pm on the beach on Tuesday. If you’re in the area – or not – Dee Why Beach is looking like the place to be this Australia Day for some family fun.


Not sure we want you to throw around your Moelocos however we would like you to  enjoy wearing them to whatever Australia Day activity you decide to participate in. If you dont already own a pair, head over to or contact me through to find out more about how you can get your very own pair.

For now, it’s time to throw mine on and re-join my family – can’t keep them waiting too long.

Live Love,


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