How I found my inner facebook blogI remember the month well, February 2014. I was finally beaten. My life would never be the same again as I left my old world behind and embarked on my new journey, where no dinosaur had ever been before!

For so long, I had resisted the the desperate pressure of my friends to embrace this new way of communication. Grumbling like the old grandma, I thought why couldn’t we all just pick up the phone, text,skype, email? There seemed to be too many options already and now there was another one called Facebook, which I felt was only going to complicate my life further!

That was a year ago and now I’m told continuously when I meet new people at business functions, that I’m everywhere, with strangers already knowing me and calling me the “flip flop lady.”

I have always been a serial networker. I love people and I use networking as a way to find like minded individuals to collaborate with. Facebook and my other social media platforms have given me another source to meet people. I belong to a hundred or so Facebook groups, I administer three pages I own which are connected into my Instagram, twitter and You Tube accounts. Guess you could say, I’m definitely a raving fan and I’m sure those friends who encouraged me to use Facebook are probably regretting this advice now as I keep occupying more space in their feeds. Maybe this is what these people I meet are referring to, when they say “I’m everywhere” ?

I really began this social media education to launch my new social enterprise, Moeloco. As a lean, mean startup machine, with almost no marketing budget it has been one of the main forces for the success of our business so far. Selling almost nine hundred and fifty pairs of shoes, mostly online from a base of nothing in 12 weeks, I have been told by retail and marketing specialists is pretty amazing. I’m not saying Facebook has achieved these sales alone however it certainly helped find our tribe who purchased from us and spread the word providing more customers and referrals to media contacts and strategic collaborations.

Yes, I know being in this space does take time and many of us are not going there for this reason. I have to limit my time daily as it’s a medium that could easily occupy all my waking hours. The time I spend on social media, in my case, its mostly Facebook as I wanted to establish our presence on each platform strongly before embracing the others. However, though its a good chunk of time, it’s far less than my previous businesses where I was cold calling and running to meetings. I can talk to so many more customers in the same period of time I would have been able to in my prefacebook days.

The other part of this phenomenon disrupting the traditional ways we promote business is looking into how human beings are now living. Today we are living in a world where all of us are so busy. It’s almost like busy is the new buzzword and we are spending far too much time working and neglecting ourselves and what really matters. Humanity has never been so unhappy and lost. Many are searching for meaning in their lives and we have masses of individuals feeling lost and disconnected. Traditional models of community have been eroded, which I believe is a major influencer in this lack of connection people are experiencing. There has been much focus on the ‘me’ and now we are moving back to the ‘we.’

Lack of community and lack of connection have propelled the use of social media. I am finding people reaching out, craving for this desire to be connected to one another.

Would I still be as active on Facebook if I had not started Moeloco?, probably not. I definitely would be there, without dedicating as many hours as I do now. I probably would be out spending time with others face to face over coffee, although, Im not sure who I would be doing this with, as all my friends are constantly “busy “ too.

Better get back to my Facebook feed, lol,


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