Happy EOFY

It’s interesting when you hit mini-milestones. Something as simple as hitting the end of financial year last week made me come up for air and look around and realise Moeloco has been in full operational swing for seven months!

Seven months of challenges, connections and collaborations. Seven months of hard work and learning curves. Seven months of helping make a difference to the street children and orphans of India in our own small way.

So as we are now in July – also known as Accountant’s Christmas – and business owners across the land scrutinise the financial side of the business, I asked myself this question…

How Do I Value My Business?

Is it in monetary terms?


At the moment, as I work to get Moeloco flip flops spoken of in the same breath as Tom’s Shoes and Havianas, I am funding the business from my savings. Sometimes I worry about the money side of things but it has brought another element to my life that I have embraced. Simplicity and gratitude. I no longer go on luxury holidays, nor go shopping whenever I feel like it and I don’t eat in fine dining restaurants anymore…yet, I feel so much richer.

I think about the team I am building around me and the connections I have made. Talk about abundance!

The people that have come into my life through serendipity, landing in front of me at the perfect moment.

Working with the Hope Foundation and getting to know JP and Rosie – the knowledge they have shared with me is worth way more than money. Being privy to the work they do and the difference they make to the street children and orphans of India has enriched me personally and emotionally.

What I am experiencing through Moeloco, as part of this Dream Crazy journey I am on, is personal abundance as I have never experienced before.

My heart is full.

My soul is alive.

My brain is buzzing.

My smile is wide.

And I know what is important to me.

I never started this business to make heaps of money for myself. I want to be able to draw a fair wage, pay the people working with me commercial rates so I can get the best work from the best people and build a sustainable model that is profitable so I can give back as much as I can.

And yes, the parallel giving business model throws up financial challenges, but when I get worried, I turn my mind to the good that we are doing. The 1000 pairs of shoes that have made it to India.

I turn inward and lean into the personal abundance and richness I feel within which beats an overflowing bank account any day!

And the image at the top of this blog post spoke to me so much. I just love how the tree is smack bang in the middle of the water and yet it still grows.

Sometimes that’s how I feel. A little out of my depth but screw it! I’m here. Moeloco is here and this is where we grow! Right in the middle of the changing tides and the choppy waters.

And this is where we stay.


Dream crazy.

X Kathy


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