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Consumers are more conscious than ever as we seek to connect with organisations with heart and soul


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Today consumers are becoming increasingly disengaged from organisations whose actions are not transparent and values not aligned with our own. We are seeing a growing number of people becoming more consciously aware than ever as people are seeking to connect and engage with companies and organisations who have heart and soul.

On June 16th, I went to the Moeloco Club Launch to support Kathy Wong, founder of Moeloco a new social enterprise who sells groovy looking flip flops and donates a pair of shoes to a child living in poverty for every flip flop sold.

Kathy is a warm and very generous business women who I had the privilege of meeting months earlier and made a great connection with.

The more I get to know Kathy, the more apparent her big heart and dedication is. In just six months she has donated 1000 shoes to kids living in poverty. I couldn’t be more proud and privileged to know such an incredible woman.

The focus of the event was to introduce Moeloco’s charity partner, The Hope Foundation UK  and to unite a large group of conscious people and entrepreneurs. Kathy’s goal was to gather the many tribes she was part of to encourage them to collaborate and connect with one another to demonstrate how together through the power of a ‘shared economy’ we can make a greater impact in this world.

I arrived not expecting it to have the strong impact on me that it did. Taking place at the Manly 16 Skiff Club, the room was full and the ambiance was colourful as the night started with some great entertainment and speeches. There was a great community vibe as entrepreneurs from all walks of life mingled and connected and tuned in to listen to real stories that melted the heart.

Kathy shared her journey from very successful designer to the challenges and sleepless nights of starting a social enterprise that began with a strong voice telling her this is her life’s calling. A calling that just wouldn’t go and led her to follow her heart. Later in the evening, JP O’Sullivan Director of Hope UK spoke movingly of why he joined the foundation, a charity which works closely with Moeloco and directly with children in poverty on the brutal streets of Kolkata 24/7.

There was not a dry eye in the room.

There are currently over 300 million children in the world with no shoes. Children who live in rural Bengal often have to walk miles to attend school and that’s if they are not engaged in child labour, the sex trade, organ harvesting, human trafficking or worse.  Together with the Hope Foundation, Kathy’s goal is to eliminate poverty and rescue these children from such unimaginable situations.

At this event It was refreshing to hear JP speak with raw honesty about his personal experience working with a charity I knew very little of. At times it was very difficult to listen as my heart literally sank. He spoke about why he decided to work with this particular charity.

Eight years ago, he had witnessed a mother and her four young children walk into an alley from a side entrance. She was offering her children as young as four years old to this man and his friend for 50 cents. Witnessing this desperation motivated him to join the Hope Foundation. It’s not every day you hear these kinds of stories as the media more often than not prefer to cover other more mainstream political and social events. However, when you are confronted with these stories, real and heartbreaking, it hits you hard and makes you appreciate just how privileged we are to be living in a country as safe as Australia. What most of us take for granted would be heaven for some of these children living in Kolkata.

What ultimately moved me the most about JP’s stories, is how much the Hope Foundation team personally ‘walk the talk’ and sacrifice in order to save children’s lives every day. Their work impacts hundreds of thousands of kids’ lives on a daily basis. They are in the thick of it all, every single day, 24/7 witnessing the most horrendous events and giving them something to look forward to. All the money this charity earns goes directly to helping these children with some staff not even earning a salary.

With the financial, emotional and care provided by the Hope Foundation, these children have a chance at life, with a future that would have been considered impossible. It is charities like the Hope Foundation and social enterprises like Moeloco that inspire me to become an active participant in the contribution of a more socially aware and conscious community.

Please join us make a difference to these children who desperately need our help and spread the message of hope by buying a pair of Moeloco flip flops today at

To become part of the Moeloco Club and a group of inspirational and collaborative soul-workers, email .

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Tess Philip is an online writer, blogger, coach and virtual Assistant for soulful entrepreneurs and creator of Blog With Bliss an e course to empower business owners to set up and take control of their blogs from scratch.


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