India TripFor the last several months, we have been working tirelessly on getting Moeloco off the ground so we can raise awareness for the underprivileged children of Kolkata and give back to this community in improving the quality of their lives.

It’s quite amazing as I reflect back on when this journey started and how much we have already done and I am super proud at the impact we are continually making to these children’s lives. In such a short period we have been able to donate almost 1700 pairs of shoes to the children who need them.

And now I am so thrilled to get the opportunity to go to India next month to meet these children and witness first hand the great job our charity partner, Hope Foundation UK are doing. We will be making a documentary over there where you will have the opportunity to gain a closer look into these children’s lives for the first time. In addition to a concert which will bring much needed joy to the community, we also have other surprises planned for these kids too. All will all be revealed in coming weeks so make sure you stay tuned.

It’s been a big goal of mine for so long to go over there and meet the children and to experience directly for myself the world they live in.

I hear so many stories from our charity partner and other updates but to be there amongst it will be a whole different experience where I will have the opportunity to meet these children, learn more about their culture, their struggles, their stories and how we can contribute more. And I can’t wait.

I’m also looking forward to documenting and sharing with all of you these experiences including more posts, updates, images, videos and other content which I know many of you want to see more of. Being here in Australia it’s been challenging to retrieve certain content but since I’ll be there amongst it, it will be easier to share more behind the scenes from where it’s all happening.

Due to the nature of social enterprise, we do not have a huge budget as most of the money raised goes directly into giving back to these kids and making a social impact. It’s been difficult to raise the awareness we need to get projects like this one going and so we are so appreciative of all the love and generosity we get. Without the support of the people who buy our Moeloco flip-flops or donate, this trip and the work we do would not be possible. And for that we are so grateful and give so many thanks for your ongoing support.

Because of you, we are past tipping point and only $1000 from our goal of raising $2500 so we can take our Moeloco ambassador, Alessandra Kitinas to India with us. We would think that most 14 year old girls would care about clothes and makeup but Alessandra has a different passion, a passion to help the under privileged.

When Alessandra learnt it only cost 87 cents per year to keep one child alive in India, she instantly felt compelled to do something about it. And since then she has been making every effort to come with us to India to learn and experience what its truly like to live in these kids shoes and do everything she can to help out. We are just to inspired by this young girls huge heart and spirit and so encourage you to extend your hearts and arms to make a small contribution to help make this girls dreams a possibility. Without your help it would not be possible and we thank you again for all your support.

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