This week we’re celebrating Earth Day and loving our Mother Earth with these 7 easy tips for change.

Earth Day is a day to reflect on our Mother Earth and our role on our planet. Our Loving Mother Earth is currently not feeling too good. The planet is heating up at a faster rate than ever before, our oceans are becoming more acidic and sea levels are rising, ice sheets are shrinking, and our carbon footprints are getting bigger.

April 22 will mark International Mother Earth Day, and what a better day than any to devote yourself to caring for the planet we call home. Looking after Mother Earth doesn’t have to be a chore.

Here are a few quick and easy tips on how to do just that:

 1. Organise a local clean up.

Litter is disgusting, and not a good look. Too often we see empty bottles and cans, cigarette butts, dirty tissues, and other rubbish strewn across our beautiful communities. International Mother Earth Day is the perfect day to show your appreciation for our planet by organising your family, friends and neighbours to clean up your local community. Make sure to wear disposable gloves and/or purchase extendable grabbers for a more hygienic process. However, you don’t have to wait until every April for International Mother Earth Day (or March for Clean Up Australia Day) to clean up your community; every day can be a clean up day.



earth day 7 tips for change

2. Carpool or catch public transport to work.

Sometimes, and I know I’m guilty of this myself, I find it so upsetting when driving down a main road and seeing that most cars only have one person in them. Can you imagine how much petrol and emissions we’d save if we had caught a bus instead? Sure, there are times when it’s impossible to catch public transport – maybe you don’t work near a train station or you don’t want to catch the bus on your late night shifts – but, maybe carpooling can be an option if you live near a workmate? If this isn’t an option for you on workdays, carpooling is a great idea for social events with friends on weekends.

3. Change habits.

Did you know you’re still using electricity when not using your appliances? To reduce your carbon footprint (and the size of your bills), change some day‐to‐day habits, like switching off your appliances from the outlet when not using them, washing your car on the grass or starting your own veggie patch.

4. Buy ethical.

More Australians than ever before are buying ethical, and we welcome this news with open arms. Whether that’s being more conscious about your buying habits, purchasing only what you need, or buying fresh and organic produce, buying ethically is good for the environment, your health and your soul. Many ethical products serve a dual purpose, where your purchase also goes towards helping wonderful causes.

Here at Moeloco, we make flip flops that aren’t just good for your sole, but every purchase ensures another child in India receives a pair of shoes so they can go to school. International Mother Earth Day isn’t just about looking after the natural environment, which is important, but also looking after each other.

5. Donate unwanted items.

We live in a throwaway, fast fashion world, where we purchase trendy fashion, shoes and gadgets, and dispose of them at the end of the season. This isn’t just bad for our carbon footprint and wallets, but it, unconsciously, trains us into not appreciating our possessions. Oh, you scratched your phone? Don’t worry, the new iPhone just came out – let’s get a new phone!

An alternate to this, if you can’t help yourself when it comes to new trends, is to donate your unwanted items to charity or your local op shop so they can find their way to a loving home instead of in landfill. We don’t want to make loving Mother Nature more sick, do we?

If you happen to break or find your Moeloco’s in bad shape, don’t worry, just send them back to us, as we love using them in our social media snaps and projects, and buy yourself a new pair!

earth day 7 tips for change

6. Go outside.

Go out and spend more time outdoors. Enjoy your coffee on the verandah, go for a walk, collect shells, do some gardening, have a picnic in the park, watch the sunset or count stars. By doing so, you will learn to appreciate our loving Mother Nature more, in all her beauty.

7. Educate yourself.

The best way to stay up‐to‐date and informed with how our planet is doing is through research. Don’t believe any hearsay, but actually hop online or visit your local library to find out more about the world by trusted sources. Educate yourself and then help raise awareness about our warming planet. You don’t have to be famous to raise awareness – even sharing a post on social media with your family and friends can make a difference.

On April 12th, we celebrated the International Day of the Street Child. Run by the Consortium for Street Children, this year marked the sixth year the organisation has run the day. Hundreds of events took place all over the world to commemorate the day, and this year, alongside our charity partner, HOPE, we participated in a social media campaign to raise awareness for the struggles faced by street children. HOPE also did a symbolic balloon release at a few schools in the UK for the countless street children they help through their charity organisation in Kolkata. Ali, our 14 year old teen ambassador created this video to share on our Moeloco social media channels.

Our teen ambassador Ali Kitinas, released a red balloon into the air as a symbol of children in solidarity all around the world. The children of Kolkata joined in and Ali asked the community on social media to partake too.


According to UNICEF, about 100 million children grow up on urban streets around the world, so it’s very important for us to help raise awareness regarding their welfare and making sure their rights don’t go ignored.

earth day 7 tips for change

So, how are you going to be spending International Mother Earth Day? Connect with us on Facebook and let us know if you’re thinking about using any of these tips, or share with us tips of your own!

For now, stay green,





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