Last weekend, I was on stage with 12 other change makers from my Shine Community .

Who is Shine? It’s a conscious global community started by Julian Noel in Sydney.

So what was all the excitement down In Leichhardt at the Actors Centre all about?

We were there to share our stories of being change agents, which is definitely not for the faint-hearted. We were also there to learn from and support one another. The conversations we had were deep and engaging between the audience and ourselves.

I was first in the speaker’s line-up, a little intimidating when I knew the calibre of people in the room both on and off stage. We each only had approximately 20 minutes and I had, of course, not prepared after the crazy week that was.

I have shared with some of you my fear around public speaking before I began Moeloco which was always huge.

You know the stats. Most people put public speaking right up there with death as their top fear! And yep – that’s me too.

My mind works on overtime and I am always over-thinking things. What can I say to capture their attention? Would they want to listen to me? I’m just not good at this! What if I stuff up and look like an idiot?

They were just SOME of my thoughts – helpful, I know. I can’t tell you some of the others due to censorship – oops! 😉

I then thought if I’m really well prepared I would be fine.

I discovered it was the complete opposite. I was so worried about trying to remember my script, I became wooden and fake. And anyone who has met me knows that wooden and fake is not me.

At all.

I decided to ditch the script mid-presentation and speak from the heart.

So what if I forget something? Nobody else will know – just me! And I won’t be exactly announcing it!

When I did this…when I spoke from my heart, I lost my nerves around public speaking, I became more l relaxed and now I actually enjoy sharing my story.

Okay….so back to the Shine Community.

There I was with 19 year old Parrys Raines, a three times Australian Representative to the United Nations from the age of 14. Parrys is as an environmentalist and runs the website Climate Girl .

Then there was DC Cordova, the Global CEO of Money and You, responsible for inspiring a huge number of socially responsible entrepreneurs internationally.

DC joined us from the States with a long-established history of being a change agent. I was feeling very young (as a change agent and soul entrepreneur myself) by comparison.

Whilst I may have felt very different to the others with my limited experience of being a social entrepreneur I realised this.

What we all share is a huge dose of craziness. No one in their right mind puts themselves out on a limb almost daily to fight through their fears and remain constantly out of their comfort zone right?

What I also realised was it does not matter at what part of the entrepreneurial journey you are on. Even a seasoned business owner will have moments of fear and anxiety.

Someone asked me recently, how will I know if I’ve been successful?

I answered with this.

I know I’ve made it when I can wake up each day not feeling anxious about all I must do and that my feelings of overwhelm are less regular.

There were many other take-outs from the wonderful day at Shine too.

Here’s my top 5 to share:

  1. Surround yourself with those experienced in skills you need and have them as mentors
  2. Don’t play small
  3. Passion is critical and that’s usually what drives a social entrepreneur. However often there is a lack of many necessary skills
  4. Building a sustainable model is vital
  5. Ask for help. Being vulnerable is an art of great leadership.


And I’m very excited to let you know that the Moeloco Club is kicking off with our first event on Tuesday June 16.

Connect with our community for a night of inspiration and education with some other surprises during the night.

Our special guest JP O’Sullivan is the UK Director of Hope Foundation and will be talking on Protecting our Childrens’ Dreams. He will present on the challenges faced when implementing a child centred policy structure in a country where it is the most dangerous place in the world to be a girl.

Mark this date in your diary, click here to join the event via Facebook . We’re finalising details as we speak.

Don’t miss out!

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One thought on “BEWARE Crazy people invade Leichhardt!

  • May 21, 2015 at 8:44 am

    Dear Kathy

    Thank you for this fantastic blog! And for showing your vulnerability and fear!

    I attended the Shine event and saw/heard you speak: you were amazing! Starting with the video about Moeloco and then you shared your story – WOW. I felt you were speaking from the heart and certain elements brought tears to my eyes as well as other people’s eyes. Your authenticity, warmth, charisma and your story touched everyone in the audience and the energy in the room was that of awe, respect, love and learning. You certainly contributed to the wonderful learning and crazy dreaming that was offered through out the day; you kicked it off! Congratulations!

    Love & Light


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