Now, the foot tends not to be the most attractive part of the body. Our feet walk us around, hold us up, deal with us squishing them into ridiculously high heels or sweaty socks all day – it’s no wonder they’re overlooked from an aesthetic perspective! They’re definitely all about function.

But when it’s summer time or you’re knocking about in your pair of Moeloco thongs on holidays and your feet are on display it’s nice to have them looking all spruced up. While most people head to their nearest salon for a pedicure, buff and polish in some cultures Henna art is the way feet are decorated.

Henna is a plant that contains a pigment called lawsone which combines with proteins to cause staining which is then used for body art or to dye hair.

The use of Henna for body art is several centuries old with the people of Egypt and India using this form of temporary tattoo for religious ceremonies, wedding festivals or for simply body adornment.

The intricate designs can symbolise passages of life and are also applied simply for their beauty and how gorgeous it looks.

Have a look at these stunning henna art images for tootsies that we found on the wonderful world of Pinterest!

Heena 2

If you fancy putting your best foot forward and adorning your feet with these beautiful designs, just remember to use a salon or artist that is experienced in Henna art and also do an allergy patch test first.

Get those feet looking beautiful. They work hard for us every day. They deserve it!

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