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As most of you are aware, we’re heading to Calcutta in two weeks to visit the orphanage whom we donate shoes to for every flip-flop we sell. I’ve been wanting to visit for some time now to see for myself the children’s lives whom we are making a difference to, and now has come the time to do so I cannot be more excited.

The kids at the orphanage are putting together a big concert over Christmas time to celebrate their new lives and happiness whom are all within the care of our partner charity organization HOPE who take in these street kids and look after them 24/7.

To make their Christmas even more special, we want to donate over 1000 shoes and raise awareness of our efforts but we really need your help to do this. We’re not asking for any donations or to buy our shoes. Although that would be very much appreciated, instead we are asking for your help in other ways. And it is very easy; Kathy explains this in the video below.

In this video, Kathy shares how you can help us make an even bigger impact with the launch of our 1000 shoe challenge by simply.

  1. ‘LIKING’ our page and turning on your notifications to receive updates
  2. SHARING our page with your friends
  3. ‘LIKING and SHARING’ the content and stories we share

Especially with our upcoming trip to India there will be so many interesting things for you to share with your friends and at the same time raise even more awareness so we can make an even BIGGER impact but we REALLY need your help to spread the message by becoming involved and actively engaged in the sharing of our message.

Please watch the personal message from Kathy here to see how easily you can help us make an even bigger impact.

Thank you and again, we are so grateful and appreciative of your continued support.

2 thoughts on “An Important Message

  • October 14, 2015 at 3:37 am


    I have just recently started following you on Instagram. I’m cherrypitminute and in love with what you’re doing. I’m a huge supporter of TOMS here in the U.S. and think you have the potential to do as well as they have and positively influence many lives. My questions for you are: How do you choose where to send the shoes? Do you have partnerships with certain organizations? Are you concentrating on only one area of the world?

    Thank you for all your work and love to make our world a better place.


    • October 14, 2015 at 4:20 am

      Hi Amanda,
      Thank you so much for the follow and for reaching out to us. Yes Toms are our amazing, we love them too! Its a very good question. India chose us and when we discovered the severity of poverty there we just knew thats where we had to start our work. One of our next blogposts actually talks about this further. India has the highest rate of human trafficking in the world and was cited by the UN and Kolkata, the most dangerous place in the world for young girls. I choose where to send the shoes by discussing the needs with our charity partner’s Uk director each week. Im kept abreast of the projects although there is so much going on , its challenging! I try to spread the shoes around as much as I can. We are only small at this stage so my choices are made on where I can provide the most impact at the time of giving. We are just concentrating at the moment on India. Its one of the lesser supported countries in the world and I feel thats why I was guided here. There are so many countries needing help and I have to say, this was one of my most challenging decisions. My long term goal is to go beyond India. In fact recently we gave shoes to Nepal.

      Please do stay connected and we love your help to share our message too.

      With deep gratitude, Kathy Wong, founder, Chief Energy Officer, Moeloco X


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