Moeloco’s Teen ambassador Ali Kitinas with Kathy Wong, Moeloco founder

We all have the right to education, food, shelter, safety, family, and healthcare. How distressing it would be if were unable to provide these essentials to our children.

Here in Australia, we are so fortunate that we have the option to give our children access

to everything they need. And for those of us who may not have access to these things at least there is help and assistance.

When you think about the fact some people including children may not ever get to experience these things we take for granted, our worries and issues in life become insignificant.

Sure, we could be having a hard time but pales in comparison to what children in Calcutta go through and are exposed to on a daily basis – human trafficking, live organ harvesting, sex slavery.

Unlike Australia, kids who were born on the streets do not have any rights to health care, education and safety, all because they are seen as nobodies. Their births and deaths are not even registered.

Which is crazy, because all it costs for one child to live safely for 12 months in Calcutta is 87 cents!!

That’s more than half the cost of your morning coffee!!

In conjunction with our charity partner the HOPE Foundation UK, Moeloco and our Teen Ambassador Alessandra Kitinas are working hard to make a big difference but we need your help…

Introducing Moelocos Teen ambassador, Positive Minds youth ambassador and kidpreneur Alessandra Kitinas and her initiative; 87 Cents Project

As an initiative to recognise these children and to give back, on International Youth Day our Moeloco Teen Ambassador Alessandra Kitinas launched the 87 cents Project, aimed at raising valuable funds to provide healthcare and medical services in India.

In October 2015, the Hope foundation, our charity partner is organizing a concert. The children from all the orphanages they support will be participating. People from all across the globe are flying in to share in the happiness of these little children and Alessandra would love to be a part of it. We would like to support Alessandra by raising $2500 to cover her expenses for her trip to India.

She is very eager to visit Kolkata, India and interact with the people and feel for herself what its like living in that environment.

Moeloco wants to raise funds to support her mission of going to India and experiencing it for herself.

Alessandra Kitinas is also a youth ambassador for positive minds, an education programme, empowering young Australian girls with self worth and confidence.

As an ambassador for Moeloco and in support of HOPE she is aiming to raise funds, 87 cents at a time to provide healthcare and medical support to 80,000 non registered inhabitants of Kolkata (Calcutta India) – that is the street people who are born to the streets and never recognised as human beings thus never being able to get healthcare or Medical attention.

87 cents is enough to support just one person for 12 months.

When asked why the children of India and not your own community, in her own words Alessandra replies ” We in Australia are born and are registered no matter what our socio economic status, even those born to the streets have access to health and Medical care, housing and money assisted funding such as unemployment benefits and disability payments- we are not an unknown, when you are born to the streets of Calcutta (Kolkata) you don’t exist – there is no record of your birth, your existence, your death, you are not entitled to food , shelter, healthcare or your basic right as a human being to be acknowledged as existing”

Moeloco is so proud to have Alessandra as our Teen Ambassador and to be doing such great work!!

Please help us get Ali to India in October by clicking the link

On behalf of the Moeloco team we would like to say a big thank you for all your continued support. We could not do what we are doing without you!

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