Over the past decade hundreds of studies have documented the social, physical, and psychological benefits of gratitude. These benefits are available to anyone, from anxiety, depression, even in the midst of everyday challenges, those going through deep transformation, growth or change. Even in the midst of adversity.

So it is with deep pleasure in the lead up to Gratitude Day on the 21st September in collaboration with Deborah Shepherd founder of Gratitude Online, we bring to you our online event  in hopes of inspiring you to practice gratitude everyday and experience the joy and positive impacts it has in your personal lives and businesses.

During the 21 days, we will be sharing ways to enhance your lives and business through the practice of gratitude with live interviews with thought leaders, entrepreneurs and small business owners in the conscious community space. Daily activities, and free giveaways will also be available with the final event on the 21st TBC. But you must register here first to participate.

Some of the top-research based reasons to practice gratitude according to leading gratitude expert, Robert Emmons documented include:

  • Gratitude brings us more happiness.
  • Gratitude reduces anxiety and depression
  • Gratitude is good for our bodies
  • Grateful people sleep better
  • Gratitude makes us more resilient
  • Gratitude strengthens our relationships and promotes forgiveness
  • The practice of gratitude is great for schools and for our kids to adopt
  • Gratitude helps us to become more altruistic, helpful and compassionate

To learn ways to practice gratitude in your daily lives and experience its benefits please join us in 21 days of gratitude here.

And don’t forget to register here to receive the free giveaways and interview recordings here.

Hope to see you there

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