The first exciting Moeloco product is our inspirational flip flops (known as thongs here in Australia). These flip flops spread messages both on the front and through its relief etched sole. This means that you leave a footprint of inspirational words in the sand. The positive messages include words such as love, happiness and peace in our initial designs. Future collections will spread other meaningful words of virtue.

With the purchase of every Moeloco, we will provide a pair of shoes directly to the orphans supported by the Hope Foundation. This will enable children to attend school and avoid injury and health issues caused by lack of footwear. By going to school the children have an improved chance of leaving poverty behind.

All future products will also be based on the business model of parallel giving. Each product you purchase allows us to give an equivalent product to the children we are helping, this is buy-one-give-one.

As a start-up business we are taking small steps to big change and hope you will be part of this journey with us. It’s in our togetherness that miracles happen. Help our business to grow so that the footprint we leave becomes larger as we strive to tackle more deeply the global issue of poverty.


Moeloco flip flops change lives - buy a pair, and we'll give a pair of school shoes to a child in poverty
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